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Is blue the new green? Part II

Without water, we cannot live. It is an essential part of our everyday life but often, we are not fully aware of the impacts, water has. In my last blog post, I presented data for water consumption on a personal level but in the professional field, too, water is a highly discussed topic.

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Is blue the new green? Part I

Our planet is called the blue planet because its surface is covered with water by 70 %. The human body consists by 72 % of water. Without water we can’t live. Water is used for energy, food and transport so whoever controls water controls the world.  Nature however is the true master and very now and then we are reminded by her power when a little snow stops our technological society from functioning or a Tsunami devastates a whole country. Reason enough to look at water consumption in the context of eco friendliness, both, on private and professional level. Continue reading

A green droplet in the ocean?

When is a classroom project really successful? When you talk about it outside class and discuss and develop new ideas. I did that with my friend NerdyLaura and apparently, I got her with me on the green wave. In her latest blog post, she discusses McDonald’s going-green-campaign and the money-making strategy that might be behind it. This week, after having written so much on ideas and ways to go green, I’d like to present examples of lots of different (well-known) firms and organizations which make an effort in environmental questions, even if they are only a small fraction of all the companies out there. It is up to you to decide, whether the purpose of their green work is pure money making or simply the love to the world and ecological awareness and whether this work is just a droplet in the ocean. Continue reading

McDonald’s going green – I’m lovin’ it. …?

Green is not just the color of hope; it stands for eco-friendliness, a factor of success that works to impress business partner and consumers.

McDonald’s is a firm on a mission. Tired of being vilified and seen as an example of greed, the company attacks at critics with a series of environmental and social initiatives designed to prove that they are totally environmental-friendly and thereby totally green. Continue reading

Green work

In the last weeks, I showed to you several different ideas how to act eco-friendly in our everyday life and I hope that changed your way of using plastic bags or the paper napkins in the Mensa. Now, after having the previous posts as a base, I would like to draw your attention on the business level, because that’s where a lot of things can be achieved! Continue reading

What a difference a day made… Part II

Last week, we began our imaginative green day and we learned about energy-saving light bulbs or the amount of water flushing down the toilet. This week, we want to continue this day and hopefully it gives you some inspiration. Continue reading

What a difference a day made… Part I

…Twenty four little hours, what a difference a day made… and the difference is you!

In my first blog post, I said, I am going to present you easy possibilities to be greener in daily life and before we have a look at green businesses, we will view our personal (green?) lives. Together, we will walk through a day which is as environmentally acceptable as it possibly can be.  The main point here is energy efficiency and you’ll be surprised to hear that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade present Greening Operations guides to enlighten the people.

Surely, you’ll know some of these examples, but I think it is important that you are aware of the consequences of your actions in this topic and maybe there are ideas that you had not thought of…

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