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O.K. versus K.O.

 „Razzia bei kino.to zwingt Millionen User, zwei Minuten nach neuer Streaming-Plattform zu suchen“  *

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Is blue the new green? Part I

Our planet is called the blue planet because its surface is covered with water by 70 %. The human body consists by 72 % of water. Without water we can’t live. Water is used for energy, food and transport so whoever controls water controls the world.  Nature however is the true master and very now and then we are reminded by her power when a little snow stops our technological society from functioning or a Tsunami devastates a whole country. Reason enough to look at water consumption in the context of eco friendliness, both, on private and professional level. Continue reading

All about the money!? – Is moral lost in modern businesses?

This time, I had a really hard time figuring out what to write about. So what did I do? Yes, you are right: I googled it. I admit. Guilty me. But my results turned out to be really interesting.

At first, my search words were: “business, IT, topics to write about”. Maybe not really creative, but in return very effective. On the top of the first site with
searching results I found a blog about business ideas and strategies called Home Business Opportunities where a certain post had the title: “10 Top Hot Topics To Write About”. Guess what the “hottest” topic was… And the winner is: Making money. Surprise, surprise… Continue reading