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Is blue the new green? Part I

Our planet is called the blue planet because its surface is covered with water by 70 %. The human body consists by 72 % of water. Without water we can’t live. Water is used for energy, food and transport so whoever controls water controls the world.  Nature however is the true master and very now and then we are reminded by her power when a little snow stops our technological society from functioning or a Tsunami devastates a whole country. Reason enough to look at water consumption in the context of eco friendliness, both, on private and professional level. Continue reading


thin, thinner, PaperPhone

Today everything has to be thin, smart and trendy. Not only on the runway but also in other areas the slogan is “the thinner the better”.

We can see this phenomenon also in information technology. Laptops, notebooks, smart phones. Everything becomes more and more flatter and lighter. Today, Apple’s iPhone 4 is the flattest smart phone…but what will happen next week or even tomorrow?

The answer is the paper phone- the phone of the future, fitting into the purse.

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Using One Finger Tip

iPod Shuffe, Nano, Classic and Tough; iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPad 1 and 2 – i something in all variations and i do not care.

I have to admit that I have not been a big fan about the latest technical releases by apple. I simply did not see the purpose of an iPad which looks exactly like a bigger iPod Tough.

BUT my perspective has changed since I found out not long ago that people are able to paint amazing pictures on their iPads. They use technology to create a piece of art.   I was simply blown away when I saw youtube videos and pictures about those paintings. Since my interests are drawn to art I could not understand why I have not seen iPad paintings beforehand. I would like to show you the technique and some interesting examples to introduce you to a new type of art.

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