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What a difference a day made… Part II

Last week, we began our imaginative green day and we learned about energy-saving light bulbs or the amount of water flushing down the toilet. This week, we want to continue this day and hopefully it gives you some inspiration. Continue reading


What a difference a day made… Part I

…Twenty four little hours, what a difference a day made… and the difference is you!

In my first blog post, I said, I am going to present you easy possibilities to be greener in daily life and before we have a look at green businesses, we will view our personal (green?) lives. Together, we will walk through a day which is as environmentally acceptable as it possibly can be.  The main point here is energy efficiency and you’ll be surprised to hear that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade present Greening Operations guides to enlighten the people.

Surely, you’ll know some of these examples, but I think it is important that you are aware of the consequences of your actions in this topic and maybe there are ideas that you had not thought of…

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