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Swallowing The WorldWideWeb


After having written about curious-, copying-, art- and franchising online business ideas as well as about how to find an online business idea, I finally come to an end by adding a post about online acquisitions. Acquisitions occur when one company buys another one and in fact, this happens a lot in case of online ventures. Google for example, since its foundation in 1998, has acquired the astonishing number of 98 companies and yet there is no end in sight.

But why is it worth doing and who profits? Will there be only one firm left in the future that rules the entire vastness of the internet? Continue reading



Google Will Eat Itself

Just imagine you invent something that gains so much power that it eats itself in the end!?! Not possible? The internet makes it possible!

Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) is a web project that targets on buying Google with money created by Google’s own advertising program “Adsense.”

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Google Wallet & Security – Friends or Foes?

In my today’s post I want to have a deeper look into the topic security concerning Google’s newest invention- The Google Wallet (You can find further information about this future wallet in my Blog post the week before!).

The new electronic wallet should be a boon for customer convenience. Users can leave their credit cards at home and get rid of the whole gathering of different credit cards.

But how secure will this method be? Do hackers have an easy game? Are thieves benefited? This bunch of question is buzzing through my head and I think I’m not the only one.

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All about the money!? – Is moral lost in modern businesses?

This time, I had a really hard time figuring out what to write about. So what did I do? Yes, you are right: I googled it. I admit. Guilty me. But my results turned out to be really interesting.

At first, my search words were: “business, IT, topics to write about”. Maybe not really creative, but in return very effective. On the top of the first site with
searching results I found a blog about business ideas and strategies called Home Business Opportunities where a certain post had the title: “10 Top Hot Topics To Write About”. Guess what the “hottest” topic was… And the winner is: Making money. Surprise, surprise… Continue reading