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“Hey Hey Wiki…”

The success is easy to explain. People have questions and look for answers. Their whole life. The biggest answer to all our questions celebrates its 10th birthday: WIKIPEDIA.

10 years. 260 languages. More than 18 million articles.

Time to become the first digital ´World Heritage Site´ by UNCESCO? Time for a blog post on businessnerds! Why one of the worldwide TopTen internet pages claims its right for public acknowledgement and kickoff for discussion about on of the most disputed websites worldwide…. Continue reading


Fast Food Journalism

Once upon a time…

people used to read the “New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal” or “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Symbols for an independent and investigative press.

But every fairy tale needs a wolf:

Richard Rosenblatt, founder and CEO of the internet company “Demand Media”, is 40 years old and usually described as a hyperactive, charismatic, taint and quiet easygoing guy. His office is located inSanta Monica, the sun shines 10 hours a day. He smiles: His company made a profit of 200 Million Dollar last year. Continue reading

I watch, you tube!

24hours a day. 7 days a week. 12 months a year. Result 31st december: Didn’t stop smoking, didn’t meet future husband, didn’t learn how to do the two finger whistle. DAMN IT!

You know, I started to take pictures and collect them in a nice photo album when I was 12 years old. Until today I filled 4 books with hundreds of memories, stories and faces. I even wrote a journal for some years and tried hard to keep track of what I experienced, saw and felt. Now the part for all the hobby psychologists: What the heck was I trying to catch there?!?
Anyway – guess facebook is the solution for fools like me with the eternal desire to remember, look back and live their memories. BUT STOP – no, this won’t be another post about facebook. Keep on reading and E-LEARN dear fellows:
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