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“[Write] one blog post […] demonstrating your ability to overcome your fear of exploring the technology, your identifying an interest, and your exploring it deep enough to say “I see, no big deal, this is how it works …” 

This is one of our assiagnments for the next weeks. Sounds scary, right? Technology as our public enemy!

But why are we so frightened of new technology?

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How supermarkets manipulate customers – part II

What are differences in buying patterns between men and women? How can structure and product placing in stores
make us buy more? And what happens when customers notice that they are influenced? Finally, here are the answers to the questions asked in part I of my blog post: “How supermarkets manipulate customers”. Continue reading

How supermarkets manipulate customers – part I

Not a single product in a supermarket is placed randomly. Marketing experts calculate when, where and how consumers make a quick grab. Tricks are becoming more and more crafty.

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Have you ever watched a movie and due to the plot you notice after several minutes that you are supporting the bad guy? I mean, yeah – WHAT he did was not so kind but HOW he did –uuuuh… that was quiet sexy. *Miau*

Same problem, other story.  Ever heard of the group ANONYMOUS? No? Yes? However – read this and share your thoughts with me. Till now I couldn’t make up my mind and hardly formed an opinion. Curtain up for:


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One day in my life!? – in retrospect

One day without modern communication systems. Sounds easy. Just one day. One little day. Can’t be that hard, right?


During this blog post I want to report about my self-experiment, which I announced 2 weeks ago  in my 3rd blog post (One day in my life!?). Why should you read my post? Nothing new? It is all been done before? Maybe you are right BUT:

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E-rection oder was?

Ain’t nothing to it, -porno- made me to it!

12% of all websites worldwide show pornographic content. 30 000 internet users watch porn right now. In 2006 the US made a profit of 2,84 billion through porn. More

Convinced? May porn, IT and a business-blog fit together somehow? Lets try:

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thin, thinner, PaperPhone

Today everything has to be thin, smart and trendy. Not only on the runway but also in other areas the slogan is “the thinner the better”.

We can see this phenomenon also in information technology. Laptops, notebooks, smart phones. Everything becomes more and more flatter and lighter. Today, Apple’s iPhone 4 is the flattest smart phone…but what will happen next week or even tomorrow?

The answer is the paper phone- the phone of the future, fitting into the purse.

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