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Say bye bye to my fear of technology…

If you’d ask me for my fears, I knew immediately what to answer: manuals!

On paper or digital, no way for me! People explain too fast or too slowly. It’s too detailed or still not clear enough. I am the type of person who always tries herself before reading anything. Click click click – the buttons usually explain themselves. High euphorie… mostly ending up in complete callousness.

I will allow you a quick look on my evernote profile. I installed it in the beginning of the semester. As usual – I read more or less nothing about its functions and started right away. Outcome? Ooops – take a look: Continue reading


So Far, So Good… The Review

After each of us authors has finished 5 posts, time has come to take a review on our masterpiece. Some things went quite well, others not that much and I do admit that there are points I don’t really want to talk about.

But, as the project is running along swallowing more and more webspace, progress has been achieved, information gained and the will to advance has not yet conquered the summit.


Every week everyone of us publishes an article containing a topic of our interest and while preparing the post we are completely on our own. At the first time we surely had difficulties writing, structuring or using “wordpress,” but being on our own forced us more or less to improve our skills and develop professionalism day by day. Continue reading