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Born and raised in Berlin, Germany. 20-year-old girl. Studying "International Business Management" at Berlin School of Economics and Law although my Time-Management is really bad ;). Hates: Rainy days and people who are driving 30 km/h when 50 km/h are allowed. Loves: Kitschy staff, jewellery, gardening (green fingers) and movies (good and bad ones).

Sorry, but I stumbled upon “StumbleUpon”!

Saying goodbye to my fear of technology? Sorry, but I stumbled upon “StumbleUpon” on my way trying to overcome my fears. StumbleUpon is with about 10.6 million users one of the most popular social networking sites these days. Never heard of it? Don’t worry! Come on! Let’s stumble together!

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How supermarkets manipulate customers – part II

What are differences in buying patterns between men and women? How can structure and product placing in stores
make us buy more? And what happens when customers notice that they are influenced? Finally, here are the answers to the questions asked in part I of my blog post: “How supermarkets manipulate customers”. Continue reading

How supermarkets manipulate customers – part I

Not a single product in a supermarket is placed randomly. Marketing experts calculate when, where and how consumers make a quick grab. Tricks are becoming more and more crafty.

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All about the money!? – Is moral lost in modern businesses?

This time, I had a really hard time figuring out what to write about. So what did I do? Yes, you are right: I googled it. I admit. Guilty me. But my results turned out to be really interesting.

At first, my search words were: “business, IT, topics to write about”. Maybe not really creative, but in return very effective. On the top of the first site with
searching results I found a blog about business ideas and strategies called Home Business Opportunities where a certain post had the title: “10 Top Hot Topics To Write About”. Guess what the “hottest” topic was… And the winner is: Making money. Surprise, surprise… Continue reading

McDonald’s going green – I’m lovin’ it. …?

Green is not just the color of hope; it stands for eco-friendliness, a factor of success that works to impress business partner and consumers.

McDonald’s is a firm on a mission. Tired of being vilified and seen as an example of greed, the company attacks at critics with a series of environmental and social initiatives designed to prove that they are totally environmental-friendly and thereby totally green. Continue reading

One day in my life!? – in retrospect

One day without modern communication systems. Sounds easy. Just one day. One little day. Can’t be that hard, right?


During this blog post I want to report about my self-experiment, which I announced 2 weeks ago  in my 3rd blog post (One day in my life!?). Why should you read my post? Nothing new? It is all been done before? Maybe you are right BUT:

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Feel your heart beat.

Because of current events I chose to move the second part of my self-experiment (One day without communication-systems) to next week’s blog post.

Today I want to report about a huge event that took place last Saturday in Düsseldorf, Germany – The Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with its huge expenditure of technology and a great marketing campaign for Germany as a beautiful country and a humorous host.

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