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Mid-20 blogger from the heart of Germany, currently studying “International Business Management” in the capital, Berlin. Interested in business sciences and always tries to think globally. Pursuing goals like “finding the answer to the question: What is the meaning of life?”

Be Smart – Use Widgets


Widgets, Widgets, Widgets… who are they? what can they do? and why do I need them? Actually I don’t know how to describe them, therefore I’ll give you Dictionary.coms’ idea on Widgets:

“a small computer program that can be installed on and executed from the desktop of a personal computer”

Not very detailed, right? To answer all the questions I can highly recommend the blog-post of add2gadget, Ayu Chan gives a little lesson on widgets in case of e.g. types, functions and safety-gaps. An alternative, not that comprehensive, is mywebexperience. Continue reading


Swallowing The WorldWideWeb


After having written about curious-, copying-, art- and franchising online business ideas as well as about how to find an online business idea, I finally come to an end by adding a post about online acquisitions. Acquisitions occur when one company buys another one and in fact, this happens a lot in case of online ventures. Google for example, since its foundation in 1998, has acquired the astonishing number of 98 companies and yet there is no end in sight.

But why is it worth doing and who profits? Will there be only one firm left in the future that rules the entire vastness of the internet? Continue reading


Google Will Eat Itself

Just imagine you invent something that gains so much power that it eats itself in the end!?! Not possible? The internet makes it possible!

Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) is a web project that targets on buying Google with money created by Google’s own advertising program “Adsense.”

Continue reading

Online Franchising

Good, old Franchising

After I have taken a look into the clash of Ebay’s PayPal and Google I would like to suggest a legal way of acquiring an already existing online business idea: Franchising! According to Wikipedia, Franchising is:

“…the practice of using another firm’s successful business model. For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to building ‘chain stores’ to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain.”

Everyone knows the first and most successful franchise model McDonalds (don’t like it), yet franchising has Continue reading

PayPal vs Google – Knowledge Resource Human Being

PayPal vs Google

IT Companies like Google, Apple or Microsoft are very well known and count to the largest enterprises worldwide. Their power is enormous and to meet the conditions of the global market while facing stiff competition, Research & Development is essential to create innovations.

Just recently Google came up with the idea of a new mobile payment system called “Google Wallet.” Users will only need to tap their phone (running with a Google Android system) on a reader in the shop and the desired products are paid. Fair enough, but PayPal, e-payments subsidiary of Ebay, claims that the invention was strongly supported by knowledge of 2 of their former employees, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius.

But where do you draw the line between stealing knowledge and simply using experience? Continue reading

So Far, So Good… The Review

After each of us authors has finished 5 posts, time has come to take a review on our masterpiece. Some things went quite well, others not that much and I do admit that there are points I don’t really want to talk about.

But, as the project is running along swallowing more and more webspace, progress has been achieved, information gained and the will to advance has not yet conquered the summit.


Every week everyone of us publishes an article containing a topic of our interest and while preparing the post we are completely on our own. At the first time we surely had difficulties writing, structuring or using “wordpress,” but being on our own forced us more or less to improve our skills and develop professionalism day by day. Continue reading

What we want!


Thinking day by day about business ideas that are realized by using the internet I decided this
time to put the focus on another sector, the ordinary idea of selling products online:
“The e-commerce.”

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