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Are you the CSS to my HTML?

eeeehm, so what?

After reading the statement “You are the CSS to my HTML” on a t-shirt  I was not able to understand it. This lack of knowledge made me feel stupid and uncomfortable. On the one hand side this might be the problem of missing technical know-how but on the other hand it is definitely my fear of technology. Till now I didn’t want to gain more information concerning this topic because I was scared of not understanding it. BUT I figured out that this is really not a big deal.

In my today’s post I want to overcome this fear and want to say “Bye, bye fear of technology!” and “Hello pleasure working with it!”

I’m going to explain CSS, its characteristics and features and the reasons of style sheets.

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“[Write] one blog post […] demonstrating your ability to overcome your fear of exploring the technology, your identifying an interest, and your exploring it deep enough to say “I see, no big deal, this is how it works …” 

This is one of our assiagnments for the next weeks. Sounds scary, right? Technology as our public enemy!

But why are we so frightened of new technology?

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3D Printing – from fabric to tissue

A ready-to-wear 3D-printed bikini. A breakthrough in fashion + technology.

This statement you can read on the website of  Continuum presenting their newest design: The N12 Bikini.

Why running through a shop searching the perfect fitting swimwear when you are also able to fill out some boxes and Continuum will print a bikini for you?

Some of you may wonder how it will look like… A piece of paper on my body? Ready to wear in the water? 

Continuum combines exciting emerging tech with a sensibility for beautiful, wearable design.

Looks familiar, right? But how is it possible?

In my this week’s post I’ll try to find an answer how this technology works and I’ll promise that my post will end completely unexpected.

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Google Wallet & Security – Friends or Foes?

In my today’s post I want to have a deeper look into the topic security concerning Google’s newest invention- The Google Wallet (You can find further information about this future wallet in my Blog post the week before!).

The new electronic wallet should be a boon for customer convenience. Users can leave their credit cards at home and get rid of the whole gathering of different credit cards.

But how secure will this method be? Do hackers have an easy game? Are thieves benefited? This bunch of question is buzzing through my head and I think I’m not the only one.

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The multifunctional wallet- Google Wallet

A phone that is fitting into a wallet? That was yesterday… Nowadays, your phone is your wallet.

Ok. Of course the so called PaperPhone (I wrote about it 2 weeks ago) that could lie next to your credit cards in your wallet is not old-fashioned. But a few days ago I got to know Google’s newest invention- The Google Wallet.

As you can read at The Official  Google Blog

Google Wallet is a key part of our ongoing effort to improve shopping for both businesses and consumers. It’s aimed at making it easier for you to pay for and save on the goods you want, while giving merchants more ways to offer coupons and loyalty programs to customers, as well as bridging the

gap between online and offline commerce.

But how exactly does this technology work? How can a smartphone owner actually use this new invention?

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Try it virtual- The Virtual Fitting Room.

Changing clothes can be very fraught, exhausting and tiring. Not the right color, not the right size, not the right style… And then is the fitting room so uncomfortable and tight. The light makes everything even worse- it underlines all problem areas in a very unfriendly and unflattering way.

All these factors can lead to desperation right up to a real shopping disaster!

BUT. This week I found a very interesting invention that will hopefully reduce the whole set of problems- the virtual fitting room!

There you can try clothes on every second without actually having to put it on. Relaxing, isn’t it? Continue reading

thin, thinner, PaperPhone

Today everything has to be thin, smart and trendy. Not only on the runway but also in other areas the slogan is “the thinner the better”.

We can see this phenomenon also in information technology. Laptops, notebooks, smart phones. Everything becomes more and more flatter and lighter. Today, Apple’s iPhone 4 is the flattest smart phone…but what will happen next week or even tomorrow?

The answer is the paper phone- the phone of the future, fitting into the purse.

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