Business Nerds consist of six students that post on a regular basis about a variety of topics that are all concerning business technology. After 4 weeks of writing we have all found the topics that matter most to us. Many of the Business Nerds have chosen a topic that relates their interest to IT.

The goal of our blog is to deepen our knowledge in technology, business and economy. We always enjoy constructive criticism, comments and any further information concerning our posts in order to develop our writing skills.

10 weeks have past and the Business Nerds successfully finished their last post. The blogging has ended but not completely since everyone of us has discovered their skill to write posts and many of us will continue to blog about simular topics on their indvidual blogs.

Thank you for all of the comments and suggestions that were a part of our development from students that had to fulfill a homework assignment to interested and creative bloggers.

Keep enjoy reading,

Your Business Nerds


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