Say bye bye to my fear of technology…

If you’d ask me for my fears, I knew immediately what to answer: manuals!

On paper or digital, no way for me! People explain too fast or too slowly. It’s too detailed or still not clear enough. I am the type of person who always tries herself before reading anything. Click click click – the buttons usually explain themselves. High euphorie… mostly ending up in complete callousness.

I will allow you a quick look on my evernote profile. I installed it in the beginning of the semester. As usual – I read more or less nothing about its functions and started right away. Outcome? Ooops – take a look:

Imagine- all I managed was to create a note, copy-paste the links and save it. MicrosoftWords would have done the same (besides the online access). I have read great articles about evernote and even dedicated an own blog post to the website… But just before immersing myself more into the topic, Dr.B come with another solution:


Yepp. I installed another app for organizing my life. Outcome? Unfortunately not better than evernote’s performance. Actually every time I logged in I saw an overloaded page with a thousand new posts, news and uploads. Who has time to click through all those posts??? Def. I figured out – Googlereader is not the right choice for me. I see the advantages, instead of searching for the news, they come to you… but sorry, sometimes I just don’t feel like staying updated and receive every new note.

But again – before going crazy, Zotero stepped into my life. I wanted to do it differently this time. Means: Read the manual, Anja! uhhhhhhhhhhh… Reading? Puh. Okay – my plan: Using technique to understand technique. I watched several youtube videos, installed the app and even read on Zotero’s homepage about the using information. What I really liked about the last point: I could choose my own speed and skip passages:

So but what I did mainly was surfing through youtube and watching, pausing, clicking, following the steps…

Finally I understood what the programme is for and which special tools are actually interesting for me. After watching “Undergrads should love Zotero” I appreciated the Zotero even more because naming sources, looking for quotes and organizing links is what I hate the most when writing essays. It stops and blockades my creative flow like nothing else. What I did after I was more and more convinced by the app, was copying all interesting links into Zotero and organizing my library (create folders, add tags,…). The cool thing about Zotero – one click and the address is saved. Perfect for lazy a*** like me ;)

The one thing I def. learned attaining the course plus doing my self-study at home is: Take time for the topic and give it the necessary attention. Not everything is done in 5 minutes Even scary IT-topics are solvable and time heels all wounds ;).

Bye bye my fear of technology – I know how to fight you: …. technology is my assistant ;)!


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