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Widgets, Widgets, Widgets… who are they? what can they do? and why do I need them? Actually I don’t know how to describe them, therefore I’ll give you Dictionary.coms’ idea on Widgets:

“a small computer program that can be installed on and executed from the desktop of a personal computer”

Not very detailed, right? To answer all the questions I can highly recommend the blog-post of add2gadget, Ayu Chan gives a little lesson on widgets in case of e.g. types, functions and safety-gaps. An alternative, not that comprehensive, is mywebexperience.


The widgets (available for PC and Smartphone) on my Mac are located on the Dashboard (picture), which appears if I press “F4.”

The Internet offers a variety of widgets for download, categories are e.g.: Business, Food, Games, Music, News, Just for Fun yada-yada-yada… some of them are for free, others have to be purchased. Take a look on the Apple Widget Browser to get an idea, if you are overwhelmed by the amount, but would like to check out some of them, then I would recommend widgetsforfree, bestwidgets or widgetbox to get an overview. For the bloggers of you, there is even a WordPress-Widget. Comments with more links are very welcome!

Dashboard Creation

Just recently I opened my dashboard and started to play around a little bit with the already
 existing widgets and found out, that some of them are  quiet useful and improve my efficiency concerning  e.g. the time I spent online. Still flashed of my new  discovery I added some more widgets to my dashboard  and in return threw out others which bored me. Finally I  set up my desired dashboard, but one widget was  missing… I thought about one that can reflect my  depot without that very nasty procedure: Online  Banking – Log in – Username – Password – Depot –  sucks… How about pressing the dashboard button on my keyboard and the data of my choice appears? Sounds good.

me I spent online. Still flashed of my new discovery I added some more widgets to my dashboard and in return threw out others which bored me. Finally I set up my desired dashboard, but one widget was missing… I thought about one that can reflect my depot without that very nasty procedure: Online Banking – Log in – Username – Password – Depot – sucks… How about 

Ready to Go

So how to proceed? Well, I simply typed in “depot widget” into the Google searchbar, scanned the results and… there it was: DEPOTset! And not to forget: FREE DOWNLOAD!

All I did next was clicking the download-sign and hoped that the installation as well as the handling of the widget is not gonna be a major problem.

As soon as the download is finished the Mac says: New program found, Install? And installed is the widget, that was easy, at least for the Mac-user it is easy.

Portfolio-Set up

First step, simply click on the “i” in the right bottom corner.

Then type into the WKN-field (Wertpapierkennummer, yellow circle) the WKN of the share, which you can find on websites like, into the blue circle the amount and the orange circle the  buying rate.

If you have done that (I chose to buy a share of Apple) the red circle shows you the next button to click on.

…and the share is in your depot, one last click on “Fertig” completes your mission.

The following screen is basically the one that shows up if you open your dashboard. In the yellow circle you can see the Apple stock and the changes, in the blue circle the rating of all your stocks together.

And now a short lesson on all the  other functions: In the bar (blue circle) you can write the name of  your depot and yes, you can also  create more than  one depot, just  type in another name. The arrows  (red circle) allow you to move the share of a company upwards or downwards in the listing. “Löschen” (purple circle) means deleting and “Ändern” (orange circle) changing an entry. The green circle (Komplett) is quite interesting. If you click it, the depot is hidden in the dashboard or better to say if somebody is sitting next to you while you open your dashboard, the person can’t see your “business” if you don’t want it…

…looks like this:

Other Ideas

do not necessarily need to put my own depot into the widget, I can also observe certain shares and see how they go. Another idea is to set up a depot and compete with your friends: Who can document the highest win within an agreed period?

I think…

The most important aspect for me is the fact that I do not need to worry about the “Log in-process”stated above. Widgets aren’t only little entertainment toys on your computer, they have the ability to make life easier and more efficient. Apart from the DEPOTset-widget I use for instance a weather-widget, which shows me the weather of today and the following 5 days. Another one provides me with the movies (+trailers), currently shown in theaters. All that information just by pressing one button. So why wasting time and risking safety if a simple solution is available? I wonder why it took me so long to find it… it reminds me of:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 

da Vinci

Get your own widgets and start saving time!


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One response to “Be Smart – Use Widgets

  • maxsc21

    Good stuff, well chosen subject if you think of our study course. You really managed to connect the topics IT, business, and the widget stuff in one post.
    Another point: you presented a very interesting sort of widget: stock observance is quite annoying if you always have to type in the stocks you are interested in into google and then find an appropriate service to display the data. The one you presented simplifies the whole procedure a lot. Well done, BusinessDom!

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