A Love Story

I never believed in love at first site until I met you.I noticed you in the very first moment, the way you stood there, neither stiff nor dynamic- but full of life and power. I couldn’t take my eyes of you. I felt that other people were starring at you as well, the charisma you spread was nearly not ignorable. You caught everyone’s eyes, stood out of the mass. You are the one, I feel it in my heart.

A class mate of mine made a post about you. I read it over and over again. I couldn’t get enough. I clicked more and more links, watched your very first steps, your most recent activities. It’s love, I feel it. I love you, guerrilla marketing.

You were born back in the 80’ies (you got the perfect age for me), Jay Conrad Levinson titled you friendly with a name, just like a father. You grew up in smaller companies, because you were cheap but innovative. From the beginning you were an aggressive, provoking and energetic child. But also creative, intimate and special. You blood and bones are made of out time, energy and imagination. You rather prefer to talk to smaller groups and reach your targeted audience. Though- you are not shy. It’s more that you always try to be most effective and efficient. You use your knowledge of the human nature to build up relations, rather then judgement and guesswork. You take your time for each of us. I love you, guerrilla marketing.

With time you grew older and also the big people from big business heart about you. They liked you just as I do. They introduced you to new techniques, you became famous. Your skill repertoire expanded:

Reverse graffiti, presence at every unexpected place and time, buzz strategy, interaction activites, making people’s waiting time funny, hand-to-hand movements or wild posting campaigns. You made people wonder, stare or laugh all over the world. You made us fall in love.

Like each of us, of course, you have your weaknesses. You had your puberty. Your events and activities are sometimes almost illegal, you often run through a judicial grey area. People feel disturbed by you and your crew of mostly less creative and ordinary fellows. You ran into lectures, create false stories and put fake demonstrates out on the streets. Why my love, why do you misuse your reputation?

Still I cannot get enough of you. You make me smile and laugh and move and – you make my day brighter. Life would be boring without you. You guide me through life, assist me in deciding which path to take/which product to buy… You show me new possibilities. I will follow you. You made me believe, guerrilla marketing.

 I know where to go, when I miss you. People talk and post and chat about you. You got your own employees. They work for and with you.

Thank you, guerrilla marketing, for stepping in my life. No matter what people think about you, I know what I feel…. and I know why:

 I love you guerrilla marketing!        


About angiethiem

Berlin-city-girl. 20 years old. Student of the HWR Berlin, International Business Management. Passion: overkills, dancing, nerds. View all posts by angiethiem

15 responses to “A Love Story

  • Sophie

    Hi Anja!

    Beautiful post! So full of love for your topic plus genuine interest!
    I already loved Arina’s post about the dinosours and their lasers and I was so happy seeing you having written a second blog post about the topic! There cannot be enough examples of this beautiful marketing strategy.

    Maybe you’d like to read this lovely article, I found about the advantages of guerilla marketing!


    Conclusion: lovely topic, lovely blog post!

    Thank You!


  • Bruce Spear

    Brilliant, angiethiem! Excellent survey, I’ve enjoyed every one of the links you offer. Creative glue holding it together, you made this reader want to explore everything. The placement of images, beginning with the strawberries, is the best: a wonderful path of rose petals inviting me to join you. A serenade for your readers, marvelous! Bravo! -Dr.B!

  • ahmet

    Heh. Wonderful. That is actually a style you might want to consider keeping up in your future posts. Nice to stumble upon some cool blog posts every once in a while.

  • Bruce Spear

    Ha! Put on your seat belt, this will be fun! To extend your metaphor: your flash mob has betrayed you, she is a whore: the London Heathrow “flash mob” was bought and paid for by T-Mobile and organized by mega-ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. No matter what the art director says about “fun”, this was organized by a corporation and they put their label on it. How different when self-organize and do it for free! Enjoy! -Dr.B!

    • angiethiem

      Guerilla marketing is always about advertising at the end. Using flash mobs is just another tool… I just wonder, if the people at the airport acutually noticed who labeled the event. I didn’t see any T-Mobile sign anywhere?! So – question is how much output the event made…

      • Bruce Spear

        Right. Good question! I went on the web and found lots of posts in newspapers, blogs, including a Telegraph article:
        The first passenger to receive the welcome was Henry Church, who lives in South Kensington, London. He said: “I hope it gets into the advert because my mates and my missus are never going to believe me when I tell them.”

        What I wanted you to do with my response was, as often, to look at the example from more than one perspective, and as now, to look it up and see how, for managers, such actions are complicated, interesting, etc.

        One line that I deleted was to send you to Wikipedia, where the entry on flash mobs talks about the first one and how they have change since. I would think that smart managers, like the T-Mobile people, obviously, work with cultural currents, and so an advantage would be to explore those currents as such.

        Thanks for the great post, I’m enjoying thinking about it!


  • Bruce Spear

    Please change the last sentence to read:

    How different when people self-organize and do it for free.

    Tx! -b

  • Lisa

    At the end of the video I had tears in my eyes. And you know me- I’m not a sentimental girl.
    I’ve lost my words.
    I wonder why everyone is talking about guerrilla marketing at the moment. I’ve also had the idea to write about this topic although I’ve never heard it before.
    It’s quite intersting to see/ follow this kind of ‘trend’.
    T-Mobile’s idea is great- ‘Life is for sharing’. But I agree- who at this time that this was made by T-Mobile? There was no hint/ sign or stuff like that. well, but in retrospect everyone will appreciate this hard work!
    ok, enough to the flash mob-

    the whole blog is fantastic- I was really surprised about the heading and the rest of the post!
    You did a really good job. I think this was your best blog so far.
    I’m really excited to read your final? blog. I mean, you should go on in writing blogs.

    I’ve found also a very funny guerrilla marketing video- check it out!

  • Marina Zaitseva

    YES, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You caught the audience!!!!!!!!!!
    I can bet this is you favourite subject in this semester or you are a talented writer! no. BOTH!

    Just can not get me eyes of your posts! Ii had to admit I didnt read all of them, but some!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your style. I can recognise for 100% gave me 35 different post: I can say which one is done by Anja.


    And of course, the topci is wonderful. I like the pictures!!!!!!!!! the idea with watches… amazing))
    Great job!

  • lenahaase

    OOh Anja,
    this is amazing! II love your style of writing and I LOVE THIS POST!! Where do you get your creative energy from? You can make every topic just interesting even if it seems to be the most boring one in the world.
    However, guerrilla marketing is an interesting topic! Well chosen! You give a lot of links to other webpages to get further information. By doing so, you include just very few specific information in your post. Like the others, I think that through your fabulous writing, you are still able to connect your different arguments perfectly!
    If you want to watch another example of guerrilla marketing, look what I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug5OdN3QpJI

    Just Great!!!

  • Fannysia

    HEYY HEYY! :) just want to say, this is such a great great great post and i love how you personify ‘guerrilla marketing’ and made it alive! :)) I specialise in marketing and am always intrigued by guerrilla marketing and also tried applying guerrilla marketing in my school event by doing up a flash mob for one of my school event! :) it was really really a fun time :)

    also, i’ve watched another of T-mobile flashmob a couple of weeks ago and ha, this one just reminded me of the one i watched! we cant get enough of flashmobs, can we?

    thanks for doing up this post! it was sooooo enjoyable and i really really like it! :) :) love your writing style. it’s like a story told :) a good one in fact! good job!

  • changyong

    where do you get all of these pictures?
    how lovely and brilliant way to advertise products while not really disturbing the city circumstance.
    wow… I really should say if all the ppl are going to advertise their products in this way… any city will be the place with full of fun.

    Love your blog and photos.

  • mengmei

    girls always love romantic stories, so you won your audiences’ attention just from your title, at least from girls. After reading the first paragraph, guess what? I really think you are writing about a person, maybe your BF. Aha..and then I found that it is the guerrilla marketing! Great! You make it alive in front of us.
    I do the same things like you to tell a story of the whole information about the main stuff, but cannot be persuasive as you. And well chosen topic, I never know “guerrilla marketing” before seeing your wonderful blog.
    Good job! And by the way, I like the pictures, especially the the strawberries.You know, girls like these lovely things, so you catch hold of everything attractive to your readers.

  • NerdyLaura

    Hey hey,
    some days ago I talked with one of my colleagues about you post and guerilla marketing in general. He is also studying business management at the moment and already had some lectures in marketing.
    He showed me this wonderful and funny example of guerilla marketing. It was an advertisement for the movie “Spiderman 2”.
    Please, check it out:

  • Julia J.

    The topic of your blogpost is so cool and the introduction was really creative!! I felt really attracted by that “love story” and only wanted to read further. You honestly have a talent for writing and telling a story that is so interesting to read. Instead of just explaining something you make it a real pleasure to get informed about guerilla marketing! You chose really good pictures. I like the one with the strawberries most. Every paragraph starts with bold letters which makes it easier to read. Also you always chose a sentence which summarized the whole part briefly. I wanted to watch the video but unfortunately it is not available on Youtube (anymore). Maybe you could check that again.
    Thanks for this great post!!

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