“[Write] one blog post […] demonstrating your ability to overcome your fear of exploring the technology, your identifying an interest, and your exploring it deep enough to say “I see, no big deal, this is how it works …” 

This is one of our assiagnments for the next weeks. Sounds scary, right? Technology as our public enemy!

But why are we so frightened of new technology?

While searching for answers I stumpled upon THE answer: Technophobia

[It] is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers The term is generally used in the sense of an irrational fear, but others contend fears are justified. It is the opposite of technophilia.

Are we all suffering from this disease or phobia? In my opinion- too easy. I can’t imagine that this is the correct answer, rather an excuse.

So, what else could be the reason that many of us are afraid exploring or using new inventions or new technology although it brings so many advantages to us?

Charlie Jane Anders’ post is illustrating in an interesting way why we “don’t see more stories about how technology can set us free”. She is talking about the great advanteages like interaction, communication, simplification of  daily life and the opportunity to chnage the world:

Events in Egypt and elsewhere have proved that it really can happen — electronic communication really can change the world.

But on the other hand she talks about the flipside of newest technology used in the past:

– just as Orwell predicted, high tech can be used to make propaganda more potent than ever.

However, Evelyn Block demonstrates in her post that many people (especially folks 50+) argue that they can’t possibly keep up with it all. They want to hold a ‘real’ newspaper or book in their hand and read as it is supposed to do.

Furthermore she says that the reason could be that these people are not native in this land. It costs them overcoming and time.

Steve Dalton illustrates in his post technology as ‘the platform that allows us to move mountains and reach the stars’. He says that one has to face the fear and that it is important to see that

every step has a purpose and that every purpose should fill a need that would have otherwise hindered productivity.

This discussion about fear in connection to technology can be infinity. There are always people who are afraid and who won’t overcome the fear. The most important thing I’ve discovered is that it is of high importance to see all the beauties and advantages of new inventions. Of course we should never forget certain drawbacks but we have to discover the new land without prejudices.

Finally, I’d like to show you a very interesting British study regarding fear of technology.


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3 responses to “Technophobia?

  • domwoj

    Dear Lisa.
    Very interesting and informing article with many different opinions.
    I think we shouldn’t be too afraid of technology, of course there will be always things we don’t understand, but I don’t think there will be a time we won’t understand anything at all: If technology becomes too sophisticated for us “normal” citizens, the inventors wouldn’t earn much on it, as they couldn’t sell it.
    On the other hand I agree that this would be a very dangerous situation as a world like the one described in “1984” could arise and have severe negative effects on us humans, or better to say manipulate us and the existing system.
    The British study must be interesting, but unfortunately I cannot see what’s written on the sign. Anyway, thanks for the great outline of this topic!

  • garciana

    Hey Lisa!
    Very good idea for a topic! The way you started it off instantly arose my interest. Plus, you perfectly demonstrate the ability of applying the “They say, I say” scheme, nice!
    I also like the way you emphasized certain points by placing them more centered and in grey. I would suggest you to use something a bit more colourful next time, but obviously for this post your choice was quite appropriate. Good job!
    @domwoj: I think the sign says “Technophobia”. :)

  • Iris Ng

    Hi Lisa,

    I really liked how you employed the “They Say, I Say” framework in your argument and pointed out the many opinions regarding technophobia.

    I do agree that technology is rapidly changing our lives today, and more and more people are embracing this. Maybe in the past, when people weren’t so tech-savvy, there was more technophobia around, but I think in these days of laptop-toting teens and grandmothers using iphones, this “fear of technology” is slowly diminishing.

    The video you added at the end of the blogpost was an interesting, slightly sarcastic way of bringing across your point. Why not use this video that I’ve found instead? I think it will be a great way to start off your blogpost and capture the reader’s attention.

    Thanks Lisa!

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