Are There Reasons To Believe In a Better World?

Commercials are essential in today’s society; they are a part of watching TV and nowadays they are a part of videos and movies on the web as well. I have mentioned in my post Mobile Advertisment-useful or pointless that today a mass production of advertisments and commercials lead to a surplus of adverts. As a result many adverts are not memorable anymore. Most commercials are not worth to see besides some really good adverts (which always depends on the taste of the consumer) that come from big companies that have the budget to finance them.

Television is a devise that is widespread in today’s technical advanced world. You can basically find a TV in almost every home in this country. Businesses were very smart to implement commercials on TV because commercials have the power to influence people’s consumption behavior. Many companies earn a great share of their revenues due to commercials. However, one cannot forget that companies also spend a lot of their marketing budget to produce commercials. Since commercials are a big financial resource many comapnies aim to produce high quality commercials that attract customers.

I have found an interesting blog post that talks about ‘ The Role of Television Commercials in the Business Promotional Campaign‘.  The post gives a short historical background of the television. It then continues with the development of television and the role commercials play during the development of TV.

A company that was a part of the first commercials in the USA is Coca Cola.

                        ‘In the early 1950s, the DuMont Television Network began the modern practice of selling advertisement time to multiple sponsors’.

And Coca Cola developed its first television ad in 1950 for Thanksgiving. In 2011 Coca Cola is celebrating its 125th anniversary with an advertising history since 1906. For the anniversary a special commercial was produced which is only one of many marketing elements for the 125th birthday. Read more about other marketing elements in a New York Times article ‘Coca-Cola Gets Ready to Celebrate Its 125th’.

The commercial ‘Reasons to Believe’ is published in many languages such as German, Spanish and English whereby I chose the English version to write about. The message is the same but some pictures differ according to the people they are suppose to relate to.

The first time I saw the Coca Cola commercial on TV (German version) it put a smile on my face. One reason for that is the song: ‘Whatever’ by Oasis, with the wonderful lyrics, stays in the head and puts people in a good mood. In addition the commercial provides the viewer with information that makes him believe in a good world- which is (I think) what many people would like to believe in at the moment.

I was interested in finding more opinions about the commercials that is why I searched for reactions by other people.

I have found a couple of very interesting opinions that made me think about the commercial all over again. The first blog post I discovered was written by a woman who opened her article with the same words I felt after seeing the commercial:

‘This new Coca Cola commercial put a smile on my face and placed warmth in my heart […].’

The author gave a very positive statement about the advert. In the beginning she stated her own opinion and then empathized on the core massage of the commercial.

Unlike the first post, the second author I have found negatively criticized the Coca Cola Company and its attempt to prompt people to believe in the good. Ajinkya Pawar’s post ‘The anthem of the deluded’ emphasizes in the beginning on the flaws of the companies such as its bad treatment of employees. Then the author specifies on the commercial and provides reasons why the comparison of good and negative events in the world cannot spread happiness. In order to do that Pawar wrote down every comparison that is made in the English version of the commercial.

The third and last post in my brief search provides a broader view about the Coca Cola commercial than the first two. The author opens his article’125 reasons to believe in a better world‘ by providing specific examples about negative and bad events currently happening in the world. With these examples the author points out that it is helpful ‘to believe in others and to hope for a better future for coming generations’. Furthermore, the last post provides background information about ‘Reasons to Believe’ that makes the post interesting and valuable to read. In addition the author argues about the message about the commercial. In his conclusion, the blogger says:

‘Glad to hear that large companies are able to spread a message around the world […] even though [they] use advertising purposes`.

I have to agree with the statement. However, I am aware that the Coca Cola Company and other big, influential companies use their power to generate even more profit.  Often companies do not care about the well being of their employees, the environment or other companies. However, some big companies try to give something back although we can be sure that they do it out of ONE reason: Good Reputation! But as long as some firms try to do something good I can disregard the reason. Coca Cola tries to remind people that ‘[…] there are many reasons to be fearful about the future, but there are even more reasons to be hopeful for the future […]’. Being reminded about the goods things in the world helps to be joyful and like I have mentioned before it can even put a smile on the face. So, yes, there are many reasons to believe in a better world!


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6 responses to “Are There Reasons To Believe In a Better World?

  • SparklinGesine

    HI natiliab,

    this coca cola commercial really warmed my heart! I don’t know how coca cola is treating it’s employees and sure, they want to gain a nice profit, but the message they send via this commercial is a good one and it gives hope, the examples are so sweet!
    Commercials reach people and a good one stays in our heads. Companies have the power to spread a certain message, be that fair trade, a better world or statements against discrimination.

    One of my favourite tv commercials is the following:

  • pravinjeya

    Hi natiliab, Thanks for linking to my post. I would question your statement that its ok to disregard the real reason why some companies do good things but I think it’s important to acknowledge when companies do do good things, such as promote an uplifting message of hope.

  • Sophie


    Thank you for you blogpost. I am always interested in marketing and commercials especially in movies and TV! And I have to say that Coca-Cola always does commercials that warm ones heart.. be it the christmas commercials or the one you showed us!

    Of course, I would argue that the main aim of enterprises is creating revenue. However, I wrote for example a blopost about AVON an American comapany that is fighting against breast cancer and make profit!

    check it oiut! :)


    thank you!


  • angiethiem

    You got me! When i noticed that your post is about the coca cola advertisment i HAD to continue reading- I guess that ad touched almost everybodies heart. ( for layout reasons I would have put another cocacola/etc. picture on top before the “more”-line, makes it even more catchy). I discussed the story of the ad over and over again with friends and family in front of the Tv. As you said, there are of course the pro’s and con’s, but one thing – I think one good argument doenst delete another bad fact (just imagine: 2 people died, the third survived…?!?! what is that?is there a reason to believe in a better world?) As you described in the beginning of you post, we ended up in a mass production of commercials… thats also what my new post will be about – but I also believe in a better world and found my commercial-hero ;) So check it out! Also arina posted several weeks ago ( about a related topic… at the end its their aim to touch our hearts, stay in our memories and create a relation.

    Thanks for the post! :)

  • changyong

    My lovely sista you have posted such a lovely blog post like always.
    Yes for sure there is a certain reason and way why the world is such a great place to be…
    Coca cola… haha that is such a cool example…
    better world with coca cola… well… I would not live with coca cola for better world but why not for others…

    anyway the cocacola commerce made me smile as well…

  • itwanda

    You made a really good choice writing about that Coca Cola commercial. The vast majority of us knows it and many are emotionally touched by it.
    I also like your heading, the last sentence of the commercial rephrased as a question. In my opinion commericals and advertisements have a tremendous influence on us including our behavior, taste and preferences, and so on. I check out new commercials on a regular basis on website like
    Coca Cola is doing an outstanding good job when it comes to commercials.

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