Video Mapping

Continuing with my goal to take a look at different types of art, I will present a couple of blogs that talk about the topic video mapping.

Video mapping is a technique used by artists to transform surfaces of building or objects into life with the help of light, sound and videos. I found a couple of interesting explanations of the term.

The first blog I found is called ‘Video mapping Blog’ and describes the term as the following: ‘Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.’

The goal of the ‘Video mapping Blog’ is to present interesting examples of video mapping projects. The one I found the most interesting and striking is the video mapping by Hyundai.

Unlike the first blog, Kuriositas– the second blog I found- concentrates on one example of video mapping- The Prague Astrological Tower Clock. To the 600th anniversary of the Astrological Tower Clock The Marcula created a video projection about the history of the Clock Tower.

In comparison to the first blog the author of Kuriositas (which cannot be identified) describes his impressions and personal feelings after seeing the video mapping. The ‘Video Mapping Blog’ on the other site is a collection of projects with little or none explanations of the mapping projects. The authors are Bryan and Michelle Dodson of Integrated Visions Productions, LLC – which ‘is a multimedia design lab with a focus on creating content for 3D projection mapping.’  The second source has a more professional appearance since it is distanced to the project they present. However, the article about the Astrological Tower Clock provides more details about the video mapping, an explanation of the term and two videos about the 600th anniversary.

Last in my brief search is the blue-identity (b-i) blog which ‘is a professional services company that leverages advanced information technology and innovative marketing expertise to address the challenges of leading organisations.

Their Blog post is the one that stroke me the most since it contains a variety of information about the topic video mapping. The author explains what video mapping is, how it works, its uses, the two different types of video mapping (objects and buildings) and last but not least the post provides examples. The first example shows the transformation of different sized boxes into a colorful 3D animation that finishes as a street with houses. The second video is an example of an object video mapping and the third is an example of a building video mapping.

Compared to the two blog posts that I have read before, I find b-i’s post the most informative and detailed. It gives a 360° view of the topic including explanations and links to other related topics such as the Mapping Festival in Geneva. The third blog post in my short search about video mapping combines the first and the second blog that I examined. It is a mixture of explanations, information and examples.

All in all, the sources I have looked at helped me to identify what video mapping is about. Video mapping is a new technique for artists to express art. The transformation of the façade of buildings and ordinary objects through technology such as video mapping software opens a whole new dimension for art. Video Mapping relates art to digital animation, light, sound and videos that form a moving and living picture on surfaces.


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This is my first real approach concerning blogging. I am 21 and I think it is about time to enter the world of blogging. I study ‘International Business Management’ in Berlin-one of my favorite cities. My interests are business, politics, arts, travelling…. View all posts by natiliab

5 responses to “Video Mapping

  • angiethiem

    Woow. Crazy! I have never seen something like that – thanks to your post (especially the video) which gave me an exciting view into this new form of art. Its nice to observe how the frontiers between art und technologie became more and more one. … Good research! ;)

  • domwoj

    Hey Nathalie,
    Thanks for the very informative post about video mapping, haven’t heard about this yet, but your descriptions and all the links made it quite clear to me. It is good that you have implemented so many videos, they are very impressive!
    Maybe you should check your links again, you always typed in “http://” twice so they do not work directly.
    Very nice article!

  • Nadja K.

    Hey Nathalie,

    this post is simply bursting of colors and great art. I truly was fascinated by the images you offered. This must be in human nature since we are all attracted to fancy, vivid and playful events. I also like how you compare the different posts and rank them according to your preferences. Since your post was rather concerning arts and technology, I tried to find something about how video mapping is applied in business. So here I would offer you a link to a blog talking about video mapping in landscape ecology. It shows you a completely different view of how the new technology can be used elsewhere

    Other than that, than you for this post!


  • Lisa

    hey natalie :)

    great, impressive and really interesting post!
    Thanks for that.
    I liked the way you compared different post of different authors. It shows besides a good resaerch that art has really a great impact in your life! Last week I’ve heard the first time about mapping. A friend of mine posted a very sensational video on facebook! “Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle.”

    You have to check it out!

    By the way, I figured out that art in connection to technology ars fitting together perfectly. I follow your posts almost every week and the thing I explored by myself and where I was most interested in was the Red Bull Street Art View (
    The credit belongs to you that I realized that art is not always just standing in a gallery in front of a picture…
    Kepp it up!

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