“Hey Hey Wiki…”

The success is easy to explain. People have questions and look for answers. Their whole life. The biggest answer to all our questions celebrates its 10th birthday: WIKIPEDIA.

10 years. 260 languages. More than 18 million articles.

Time to become the first digital ´World Heritage Site´ by UNCESCO? Time for a blog post on businessnerds! Why one of the worldwide TopTen internet pages claims its right for public acknowledgement and kickoff for discussion about on of the most disputed websites worldwide….


There are over 75,000 “hot authors” on Wikipedia, responsible for constantly maintaining and adding to the site’s database. Most of the articles on Wikipedia can be edited by users that haven’t even registered an account on the site. The page is under constant supervision by over 1500 administrators since more than 648 million people click and read through Wikipedia every year. For many years the page fought against prejudices and their bad reputation regarding the quality of their articles. In January 2010 Wikipedia celebrated its birthday, 10 years after Jimmy Wales founded its base.

For a visual appealing summary of the 15 most interesting and important fact about WIKI click here: http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/wikipedia-facts/

UNESCO World Heritage Site

 The “Deutscher Verein Wikimedia” started the initiative. WIKIPEDIA, first world cultural heritage! The petition reached already worldwide audience and people from all over the world campaign for the project. Catrin Schoneville explains in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung the aim of the programme: “ Wir wollten mit der Initiative auch eine Diskussion in der Öffentlichkeit auslösen. (…)Es geht uns aber auch darum, über die Seite zu informieren. Viele Leute wissen nicht, dass sie selbst aktiv mitgestalten können oder wie die Seite überhaupt funktioniert.“ That basically means that the award is not the only goal of the movement, furthermore it is also important to reach more present topicality and inform people about Wikipedia itself. Wikipedia is the biggest collection of mankind’s knowledge in the world, made by hundreds of human fingers. It is changing society. The first criteria of UNESCO demands ” to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius” and as Wiki’s members believe, they definitely fulfil that status. The shelter under UNESCO would also hold more advantages for community – protected by law, the censorship of articles in Arabic countries or China wouldn’t be so easy anymore and once again – knowledge and education for everybody is granted.

Case Study

The Kachelmann process is over and the court as well as the media impressed once more by their power, influence and their ability to ruin an accused and claimants life. For several weeks we could read gossip about Kachelmann’s sex life and follow his personal fall. We definitely reached a point of violation of his personal right. Also on Wikipedia the topic was controversial discussed. The regarding discussion archive from May to November 2010 saved up to 180 kilobyte (more or less 40 laptop screens text). But interesting: Jörg Kachelmann’s Wiki-page wasn’t changed until the 7th June 2010 (5 month after the start of the public and judicial prosecution) and just contained a neutral and simple note about him being accused and on remand. On the beginning of September those 2 sentences were enlarged to 5 sentences, today the issue bestrides an own clause. Wikipedia never talked about the sexual details of the story nor the relationship(s) chaos is mentioned. Compared to other high edition media Wikipedia offered a qualitative, neutral and careful picture of the case. Less BILD, more BROCKHAUS. The web site fulfilled is responsibility.

I am a student of the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Berlin. The current semester obtains 6 courses. Next to my good friend www.leo.org (online dictionary) WIKIPEDIA is my number one and usually very fist source of information. Some teachers even support that step and motivate us to use the page as a learning tool. Through experience and increasing demand for more detailed and professional research we figured out where to find more information and how to scan, skim and read them. Wikipedia is not the only source anymore, but definitely for most of us the first step. And for being the first step -maybe for others even the open door- I think we reached an era for innovative acknowledgement and ready for a first digital heritage!


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4 responses to ““Hey Hey Wiki…”

  • Sophie


    Is your title an alusion to this? –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZjMu3N-RuQ

    Well, now to your blogpost: I really enjoyed getting to know more about Wikipedia especially because we all are using it on a regular basis. And of course I totally agree with you that my first action when not knowing something is visiting Wikipedia. It is, as you have said, the first step to get valuable information.

    You might be interested in this post where someone is comparing wikipedia with the ecyclopedia britannica: http://www.tactileint.com/whyIlikeWikipedia/

    thank you!


  • lisabu00

    Dear Anja,
    it was a pleasure to read your blogpost about wikipedia and its advantages. Very informative with all this numbers…
    I have to admit, for some definitions and historical facts I use wikipedia once in a while.
    But in my opinion, experts are right when they say we should use it with caution. The fact, that everybody can participate and add articles as they like, takes the risk, that failures and lies are published. Even though so many administrators work probably 24/7 on checking and improving, they might not find everything.
    Look at this for some disadvantages: http://clorete.blogspot.com/2011/02/wikipedia-advantages-and-disadvantages.html
    but all in all it’s a great invention and it has helped me in a lot of situations ;)

    there was even a whole blog called: wikipediasucks.wordpress.com – but unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m sure it was pretty funny.

    in the end well done, dear.

  • itgalina

    Dear Anja!
    Nice title! Do you know how the chances for wikipedia are now to become a world heritage site? I was looking for the answer and found this not so positive article: http://www.nwz-inside.de/News/Deine-Welt/Digitale-Welt/Wikipedia-als-Weltkulturerbe,20233. I hope you have better news, because I would really appreciate it getting this title!

    Pursuant to Wikipedia, which we can count as a reliable source, as you describe e.g. in the Kachelmann process, this is a world heritage:

    “Das von der UNESCO erfasste Welterbe setzt sich aus den Welterbestätten (Weltkulturerbe und Weltnaturerbe), sowie einigen anderen Klassen, wie dem Weltdokumentenerbe (bewegliche Sachen), dem Immateriellen Welterbe (immaterielle Güter), zusammen.”

    So why can’t Wiki become one? I think even if the taj mahal in India is not unimportant, Wiki plays a bigger role in all our lives. It is very interesting (I was already lost in the article about the world heritage commitee) and can answer nearly every question.
    we can say that nearly every student uses it at least once a day!

    Thank you for your interesting post!

  • kiki

    hey anja,
    I also have to admit, that wikipedia was,is and will be the my aid when it comes to a quick overview. Mostly, it also combines information with easy language and therefore is best when it comes to people,historical topics or even sitcoms. I do understand though that one should be carefull with using wikipedia in term papers or so but I still think that the attitude of some teachers/professors is a little bit exaggerated (I remember my history teacher always starting a debate on principles when we came up with wikipedia).

    here another opinion on why wikipedia is awesome:

    well done!

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