Art Galleries Part 2- Berlin, Strausberger Platz

Inspired by the art galleries in Dublin I decided to write a blog post about the easy and fast way to inform interested people via the internet about art galleries. My first part presented three modern exhibitions that I visited during my stay in Dublin. This week I would like to show you some very impressive art galleries that inspire me every day. These art galleries are very close to the place I grew up- the Strausberger Platz.

It is a well known fact that the Strausberger Platz, which is located on the Karl-Marx-Allee, has not been the most interesting and exciting place in the Eastern part of Berlin. Tourists barley got lost around the Strausberger Platz besides the ones who wanted to see the unique architecture of the GDR. The KMA is worth to see because of its impressive buildings. However, not many cafes, restaurants or shops were able to survive the boring street. After the fall of the wall the former street of glory lost its charm.

Since a couple of years, the KMA changed and gained many modern cafes and stores which attracts people. The biggest part that contributed to a development of the street is the settlement of many young artists and gallery owners that opened up art galleries. For a long time the art center of East Berlin was located around Auguststraße, Rosa-Luxenburg Platz, Brunnenstraße(while researching I found this amazing Tagesspiegel article about the Brunnenstr.-It is worth to read it; unfortunately only on German) and Kochstraße but since a couple of years a second location developed and the KMA has proven that is unique and impressive style is perfect for modern art galleries.

Approximately 1o galleries opened up during the past years: Capitain Petzel, Adamski, Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Sammlung Haubrok, Fischer und Fischer, Contributed, Krome-Gallery, Epicentro-Artspace, Wagener+Partner and Architektur Galerie Berlin Werkraum.

The video ‘Kunstmeile Karl-Marx-Allee Dokumentation’ by artdocumentaries describes that many young artists, gallery owners or art collectors decide to settle along a street that is in the center of Berlin’s modern development. The KMA is close to Mitte, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain all places where Berlin’s creative art scene is located. Magret Uhrmeister a gallery owner says in the video that the KMA is a place where change is happening right now. The whole street is in the process of defining itself again – especially gallery owners help to work to define the KMA through art.

I have picked three art galleries that are located at the Strausberger Platz:

  1.        Contributed- Studio for Arts

The gallery defines itself on the homepage as: […] a platform for image worlds and their publications. CONTRIBUTED shows creative productions in a real-time relevance to their publication in the magazine, book or catalogue, thus transforming zeitgeist into perceptible art. New means of perception are developed, hype is decelerated, the photo is given body – and consequently a bit of eternity.”

Currently, contributed hosts the exhibition ‘The Big Show’ by the famous photographer Ellen von Unwerth. Ellen von Unwerth is a German photographer and director who is well known for her fashion, editorial and advertising photographs. The exhibition ‘The Big Show’ exhibits photos that have burlesque or sensual elements which reflect Unwerth’s style. These are more examples of her work.

2.         Adamski

Adamski is a gallery for temporary art that is located at the Stausberger Platz. Ulrich Strothjohann’s exhibition ‘Sonnenblenden + Laufgänge‘portrays the moment of movement. The sculptures have a plastic appearance and encourage visitors to follow their mechanic movements. The clear lines of the sculptures are combined to edgy and zippy forms which leave enough space for own interpretations.

3.       Galerie Ben Kaufmann

Ben Kaufmann gallery hosts many different artists with exhibitions that change on a regular basis. I walk past the gallery almost every day on my way to the subway and I am always surprised when the process of setting up another exhibition starts again because the exhibitions change so fast.

Berlin.unlike– a guide for the mobile generation describes the gallery as the following: “Started in 2004, Galerie Ben Kaufmann exhibits primarily mid-career German artists with a smattering of international artists as well. Quickly rising in the art world ranks, the gallery participates in many art fairs and it encompasses the ideal: while it grows, the careers of their artists grow as well.” Many exhibits are colorful, alive, modern and worth to see such as Claudia Wieser’s exhibition ‘Muster und Formen’ (Patterns and Shapes).

Along the KMA people are able to discover modern, contemporary art which enriches the street a lot. The beauty is that most galleries along the KMA are nice showrooms that are not too big. Tourists and other interested people have the chance to integrate the visit of an art gallery in their sightseeing tour. An art gallery has the advantage that people can see a limited amount of art which is different in museums where I could spend hours. I think the combination of a short visit of art and sightseeing is great to spend a day. This is a link with a list of other galleries in Berlin.

In conclusion, I hope I was able to encourage some people who want to see modern art to visit some art galleries along the KMA or even in Dublin in case someone is visiting the city in the future. I think that the internet is a great tool to use in order to distribute information and to share the art galleries I like. I think that such a powerful technology has many advantages considering the amount of information we can share and we receive!


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