Art Galleries part 1- Dublin

Art plays a significant role in today’s society and it is a big part of our culture. We can find it visible for everyone on the streets, or closed back in a museum, in your child’s sketchbook, on your own walls, or in galleries. Art galleries expose art pieces and sell many of their exhibits. Some galleries are quite big who are run by famous artists and again others use art galleries to promote unknown artists. Their small galleries host different exhibitions on a regular basis.

In cities like London, Paris or New York you can find well established big art galleries but over the past years the art scene also developed in smaller cities. Many small art galleries opened up. Often they just have a single show room where they present modern exhibits that are worth to see because they are so different. The downside about being a small gallery is the disadvantage that the galleries are not well known.

The Internet is one way to raise more attention and to promote a gallery.  Due to technology the internet was developed and allowed fast communication, sharing of knowledge and the spread of information to develop.  For my purpose the internet makes it possible to promote art galleries all around the world. People get to know art galleries that might have stayed undiscovered without technology.

Many internet users already collect information about art on their websites or in blogs. You can find hundreds of blogs that inform about new exhibitions and artists on a weekly basis. Some are presented by professionals and others by people who see art as their hobby and who like to share the recent exhibition they have seen. I am one of the second type. I like to discover art and share it with others. I am really lucky because the neighbor I live in developed to a place where small art galleries opened up. I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite art galleries in Berlin in my next week’s post. This week I am inspired by my short trip to Dublin. The Irish capital offers many modern and unique art galleries that are worth to see!

The first art gallery I visited was The Lab which hosts contemporary art. The exhibition ‘The Author of Unusual Paper’ is a group exhibition by visual artists Diana Caramschi, Monica Flynn, Colleen Lambe and Susan Thomson.

When I entered the exhibition it became clear that many artists nowadays use technology to express themselves or to underline the message of their art pieces. It was similar with ‘The Author of Unusual Paper’. At the entrance of the exhibition were headphones that each told their own story about the exhibits.

The headphones were followed by a giant collage of different circles. At the end of the exhibition the circles were presented in a video. The 5.50 min video is a video animation called: ’30 days’.

The Lab also hosts other exhibitions. This is a list of the previous ones. I have also checked Google Blog Search for the search term: art gallery The Lab Dublin; and I have found an interesting blog post about the art gallery.

The second gallery Monster Truck Gallery and Studio presents the exhibition ‘Biosphere’ by the Dublin-based artist Meadhbh O‘ Conner. Biosphere exposes ‘living organisms such as plants and fungi’. The show room is actually filled with mold where mushrooms and other plants grow. Furthermore, O’ Conner planted over 1000 plants from the streets of Dublin into laboratory glassware. The arrangement of the test tubes and the mold form an interesting contrast to all the other art work I have seen so far- A Living Exhibition is such a unique and extraordinary idea that needs to be experienced.

Project Art Centre is the third gallery I visited right at the main street of Dublin. The current exhibition ‘Second Burial at Le Blanc’ shows the movement of a glass domed ticker-tape countdown clock in the streets of a French town. This link gives you a detailed explanation of the meaning and background of the clock in the video.


The video installation is a form of art that many artists use to underline the statement of their art work. I will present a detailed post about video installation in the following weeks.

My trip to Dublin has shown me that Dublin is a city full of artists that make the town very valuable. I have a map of Dublin where 22 art galleries are marked. I had the chance to see at least three of them but I am sure that there is much more modern and contemporary art to discover than I was able to.


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This is my first real approach concerning blogging. I am 21 and I think it is about time to enter the world of blogging. I study ‘International Business Management’ in Berlin-one of my favorite cities. My interests are business, politics, arts, travelling…. View all posts by natiliab

3 responses to “Art Galleries part 1- Dublin

  • changyong

    Oh my sweetie sister Natalie, I already figured out that you are really into Art.
    (You, You are already a piece of art with yourself)

    Yes since we got these techs, we start to have new forms of art such as video arts and so on.

    I did not know Dublin was a place for a art.
    good info for such an art fool like me.
    keep blogging with your art stuff.
    you are art. :)

    your bro… chang.

  • itsonja

    Hey Natalie,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. What a nice idea to give a virtual tour through Dublin’s art museums! The combination of your pictures and the desciption of the different pieces of art give the reader a vivid idea of these three art galleries. I found the first one especially interesting and it makes me want to look at it myself when I go to Dublin this summer. Your links are also well chosen, giving further insights in the three museums.
    Thanks for presenting them to us. Very interesting topic! Well done :)

  • Peter

    this was really great – keep up great writing. Monster Truck Gallery

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