So Far, So Good… The Review

After each of us authors has finished 5 posts, time has come to take a review on our masterpiece. Some things went quite well, others not that much and I do admit that there are points I don’t really want to talk about.

But, as the project is running along swallowing more and more webspace, progress has been achieved, information gained and the will to advance has not yet conquered the summit.


Every week everyone of us publishes an article containing a topic of our interest and while preparing the post we are completely on our own. At the first time we surely had difficulties writing, structuring or using “wordpress,” but being on our own forced us more or less to improve our skills and develop professionalism day by day.

We learned a lot about writing. It is not only important to have an idea to write about, but also to convert this idea into text which is structured and has got a nice style. After a couple of posts you develop a feeling for that kind of writing. Furthermore we know now how to give serious comments on other articles, comments that are constructive and help other bloggers in the future. The outer shape matters as well. Pictures, videos and links need to be inserted, everything should make sense and match with the post. There are some more technical issues we have to deal with like knowing how to use “wordpress” or optimize search terms to find enough information for writing-material. 

All in all we’ve made quite a huge progress individually, but there’s still space left.


All of us made a progress as we were thrown into the world of blogging. Yet there weren’t only improvements we made on our own. Working as a team means thinking as a team and to put all thoughts into one to complete the puzzle and create a successful project.

Organizing ourselves is a main factor and thanks to Facebook, our internal communication platform, it works out perfectly. Delegating, voting, discussing and much more is done online. Moreover, during team meetings we do not only make fun, but work dynamic towards our target and motivate each other. If solutions are demanded, the first thought thrown into discussion inspires another member, which consequently comes up with another idea that fosters the creativity of the next member and so on… in the end it generates a “domino effect”: The first member taps on the first domino which falls on the next domino, causing it to fall on the following domino and over and over again.

Working in a group is fun and much more effective than working on your own, for sure.


Above all we’re all writing about information technology and business stuff, however our posts differ. Lisa provides us with information about inventions, the internet and both combined whereas natiliab tries to link art with technology. “Buisness going Green” is SparklinGesine’s field of specialization, NerdyLaura likes modern technology and communication systems. angiethiem thinks a lot about our “E-world” and myself, domwoj, takes a look into business ideas.

We mainly use internet sources to find material for our posts and once we have started to search, we are obsessed and cannot stop researching.


 We can’t really say what is to come and actually we don’t want to as too much  planning might limit our
 future creativity. We’ll definitely continue writing about our topics to deliver broader  information and to create more perspectives.

 Meanwhile we hope to enhance our skills again and become more professional as in  the end we would like to entertain you, Thanks for Reading!


About domwoj

Mid-20 blogger from the heart of Germany, currently studying “International Business Management” in the capital, Berlin. Interested in business sciences and always tries to think globally. Pursuing goals like “finding the answer to the question: What is the meaning of life?” View all posts by domwoj

2 responses to “So Far, So Good… The Review

  • Bruce Spear

    Fabulous review! You guys are doing just great! Thanks! -Dr.B!

  • garciana

    Nice post! The way you structured the text and divided it by choosing a different heading for each section, make it very comprehensible to follow your ideas. I also like the vivid choice of words matching the image of the domino pieces that fall and fall and fall encouraging others to do so as well. In the end, you provided the reader with a short introduction into each team member’s topics which is a good way to summarize the team’s achievements. Since you mentioned that you first encountered some problems you do not want to talk about, you could maybe have included some examples of those troubles, if appropriate, and explain how you managed to overcome them. I am looking forward to further exploring your interesting page!

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