Try it virtual- The Virtual Fitting Room.

Changing clothes can be very fraught, exhausting and tiring. Not the right color, not the right size, not the right style… And then is the fitting room so uncomfortable and tight. The light makes everything even worse- it underlines all problem areas in a very unfriendly and unflattering way.

All these factors can lead to desperation right up to a real shopping disaster!

BUT. This week I found a very interesting invention that will hopefully reduce the whole set of problems- the virtual fitting room!

There you can try clothes on every second without actually having to put it on. Relaxing, isn’t it?

This is possible in a fashion shop in Moscow. The Russian Company AR Door

a Russian specialist for augmented reality solutions, cooperated with Topshop, a British clothes retailer with stores in over 20 countries all over the world, to create a virtual fitting room. There you can try dresses on or better to say, the virtual fitting room is trying the clothes on for you!

It looks like a mirror and you have a wide range of dresses to choose. You can control it with a virtual button on the right and every touch leads to the next outfit.

This new option of a dressing room is built on the most complex technologies: augmented reality and Microsoft Kinect.

For those who don’t know these two types, I’ll give a brief explanation:

Augmented reality (AR) is a computerized expansion of perceptions of reality.

Microsoft Kinect is hardware for the control of the Xbox360 video game platform. It enables users to control and communicate with the X360x by gesturing and spoken commands.

So for all ‘trying on grouches’ is it a real improvement, right? But what’s about the customers’ feeling?

The first contact for the consumer is maybe a bit strange. A computer that tries on the clothes you want to buy? Does that mean that they fit perfectly? Can you trust the system?

Well, the technology is new and need to be improved. Clothes don’t look like they would look dressed on the customer. As you saw in the video the images are still static and not dynamic. That makes it maybe sometimes hard to imagine the finished fitting. But for the first impression it will definitely facilitate the decision which piece of clothing should be tried on in the real life. And for those who don’t feel comfortable being advised from salespeople it is a good opportunity as well.

I guess it won’t replace the real face-to-face customer advice in the next decades because interpersonal relationships are playing a big role and are leading to customer’s satisfaction.

However, this is not the first virtual fitting room. According to Jennifer Bergen

There was one popular model at this year’s DEMO conference called Swivel, and we’ve heard of another called TryOnBathingSuit. Both work in the same way as AR Door’s does using the Kinect sensor and augmented reality.

Searching through the World Wide Web I found more interesting inventions to try it virtual.

If you are weary of made up in a way you don’t like- check this out: The EZface Virtual Mirror Kiosk!

Testing make up in a virtual way- cool, isn’t it?

Or you want to buy new glasses but you are not sure which frame would be the best for your individual face? Go to FittingBox. There you can try on eyeglasses or sunglasses by uploading a picture of yourself.

So, there are a lot of possibilities on how we can try something on and test it in a virtual way without actually getting in contact with the product.

For me it sounds really interesting and I would definitely try the it but I  on the other hand I would rather trust myself :)


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3 responses to “Try it virtual- The Virtual Fitting Room.

  • fannysia

    Hey! this post is really interesting! for a girl like me, trying on clothes can be really troublesome esp when there is a long queue. and oh boy, i didnt know there were inventions like this!

    I really like how u shared the links of various forms of virtual fitting ! :) and oh yeah i remember someone telling me about the concept of online virtual fitting! :)) this is really cool too – amazing how u can create an online mannequin for yourself! :)

    thank youuu for the informative read! especially for shopping fanatics like me :)))

  • Stephanie Krogmann

    Hey Lisa,

    great post. I think you really chose an interesting topic. Almost every girl knows the difficulties of trying on clothes, over and over can be really exhausting. I love your solution, it is def. future oriented.

    But, I think one has to consider the costs also that come along with this invention. The virtual fitting room, as you said, does not totally replace the real fitting, I am not sure wheter it will really come into every shop if it is not perfectly helping. Maybe you can think about that.

    Other than that I really enjoy reading and think it is a great invention to work on :)

  • Julia J.

    Your choice of topic is really interesting for me. You start up with all the problems that I know myself. I actually hate shopping. It takes so much time to try all the cloths and just as you mentioned, the light makes everything look even worse.
    The idea about a virtual fitting room still sounds really surreal to me. But there must always be a starting point for everything, right?
    It is good that you added a video to the post, because otherwise it would have been very hard to imagine how this virtual fitting room works.
    What I liked a lot about your post is that you explained the technology behind it. It looks very complicated to me and as you said: it is very complex! I am sure that this technology will develop quickly and maybe one day we don’t need to go shopping anymore. We can order and try everything at home…who knows :) So far I have the same opinion as you. I prefer trying myself than relying on virtual fitting rooms.
    Your post shows that you really did a lot of research on that topic. Well done.

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