Have you ever watched a movie and due to the plot you notice after several minutes that you are supporting the bad guy? I mean, yeah – WHAT he did was not so kind but HOW he did –uuuuh… that was quiet sexy. *Miau*

Same problem, other story.  Ever heard of the group ANONYMOUS? No? Yes? However – read this and share your thoughts with me. Till now I couldn’t make up my mind and hardly formed an opinion. Curtain up for:


You find them spread all over the world: ANONYMOUS. First they appeared only on the net, nowadays you find them on the streets, in newspaper or at 20:00 in the “Tagesschau”. Their attribute is the mask like the one you find in “V wie Vendetta”, which pictures the face of the British resistance fighter Guy Fawkes. Their fist members came from a variety of imageboards, internet platforms, wikis and chats. Step by step they reached a bigger audience and more people joint their projects. Interesting is, that they are not as common driven by a hierarchal structure but work without leaders or controlling authorities. Sounds like Anti-anti, rebel-shit and hippie yackety-yak? Right – but look at this:

ANONYMOUS’ main objectives has been so far the fight against the church of Scientology. With several events, projects and ideas they accused them for “destroying families, exploitation of people and violation of human rights”. (http://berlinonymus.wordpress.com/). Bases on a comment by Tom Cruise a public video dispute by Anonymous and Scientology began to spread on the net.  Both parties clarified their positions whereupon the masked rebels won creativity points:

An ANONYMINOUS made Tom Cruise sign their mask

Hoot against Scientology

But ANONYMOUS took also position in other recent events. Operation Payback, Operation Sony or OPERATION “Blitzkrieg” (shortly summarized by our lovely wiki) get more political and here it gets also…. illegal. So did Sony accuse the group of intervention of their platform as well of the Playstation Network and in context of the Wikileaks- case ANONYMOUS attacked financial institudes like Visa or Mastercard after they blocked accounts of people connected to the Whistleblowing-Plattform WikiLeaks. Background of this and also base for other events is the strong believe in the right of freedom of press. When Egypt and Tunisia started to block and censor communication platforms like Twitter ANONYMOUS declared in a public statement:

“„An die ägyptische Regierung: Anonymous ficht alle an, die an Zensurbemühungen beteiligt sind. Anonymous fordert, dass ihr im ganzen Land freien Zugang zu unzensierten Medien ermöglicht. Ignoriert ihr diese Nachricht, werden wir nicht nur eure Regierungs-Web-Seiten angreifen. Wir werden auch dafür sorgen, dass internationale Medien zu sehen bekommen, welch grausames Leben ihr euren Bürgern aufzwingt.“

 Aufruf von Netz-Aktivisten, die sich als Mitglieder der Gruppe Anonymous zu erkennen geben, zitiert von Matthias Kremp in Spiegel Online am 27. Januar 2011: 

At the same time the group also took action and provided (to avoid the internet-bans) a Dialup– connection, which enabled the citizens so to dial via a German code in the internet.

Enough reading? Watch this to get a better picture:

 Crazy group, right?

They definitely caught my attention surfing the web. I would say they have a little Robin- Hood- Flair around them, don’t they? They fight the rich and bad (via IT by the way ;) )– and give to the poor, to our society. Just sometimes maybe not the gentleman- style.

Have you read more about them or do you know other stories? Negative or positive? Comment my blog and share your opinion with me!

Nevertheless ANONYMOUS is through their development, activism and communication via internet a good example how powerful and influential again our fav. letter  “E” is. E-Terror? E-Redeemer? Who can tell….


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2 responses to “E-Terror

  • angiethiem

    On my clock it was 00:03 when I uploaded ;) So def. our post for THURSDAY mister wordpress!!!

  • Stephanie Krogmann

    Hey Anja,

    wow this is a really interesting topic. I honestly did not hear about that before, but think it is def. a topic to discuss. It shows what power you can gain using the web. A group of young people fighting against Scientology.
    Maybe we do not have to do fights like that, but we should think about what we can all achieve with tis tool the Web. We can share our opinions and there might be someone out there to listen. With your post you surely demonstrated the possibilities of our world combined with a really interesting story.

    Also I like your personal style of writing and the rhetorical questions.

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