Mobile Advertisement- useful or pointless?

Blogging about art with regard to technology is more gripping than I expected it to be. I have learned and discovered so many new and interesting things since I have chosen the topic. So far I took a closer look into different types of art such as painting, architecture, designing and art in the Pergamon Museum. I would like to extend my examination to advertisement followed by commercials and video installation.

Advertisement is a modern part of art. It follows many basic steps that have to be considered in other types of art as well such as the composition of pictures and text, the harmony of colors etc. Advertisements were first drawn by hand then printing allowed duplications to reach a bigger amount of people. Nowadays advertising is produced through digital designs which facilities the spread of ads even more.

But what is advertisement?

Advertisement is a form of communication that influences people’s life on a regular basis. Consumer behavior is stimulated by pictures and text that expose consumers to a product or service. In order to reach consumers, adverting has to look appealing. However, digital designing of adverts have led to a mass production of advertisement. The consequence that emerged from mass production has the side effect that it became more difficult to develop advertisements that are memorable.

Adverting increase the revenues of a company which makes adverting inevitable in today’s business world.

While researching I discovered interesting websites. First I stumbled over a blog by a blogger named Peter who talked about the future developments of original adverting to mobile advertisement. When I read his post I asked myself: “Is mobile advertisement so different from original TV, radio or newspaper advertisement?

To my surprise, yes it is! When I asked Google about ‘mobile advertisement’ a whole Wikipedia article appeared that described the term. Mobile advertising is a specific form of online advertisement where advertisements are shown in SMS, as Mobile Web Banner and Mobile Web Poster and in MMS. Mobile adverting requires special design of websites which show personalized mobile ads for internet users with a cell phone or any other mobile device.

An advantage of online advertisement is the fast distribution of ads which correspond to the interests of the mobile phone user. However, the customization of ads led to privacy issues. Online companies can only find out about the user’s interests when searching for key words in their personal information such as their SMS and e-mails. User profiling takes away the privacy of customers in return for personalized advertisements. I think that this is a high price to pay considering that mobile advertisements bring even more ads into your life. Advertisement accompanies us anywhere we go. They are in the streets, in the subway, on TV, on the radio, in the internet, in newspapers, magazines, on clothes, on cars- everywhere. Hardly any place exists where I do not find any advertisement. Do I really want to see more ads on my mobile phone???

My research led me to the company InMobi which is the second largest mobile advertising network in the world. On their website I was able to find precise numbers about their business. InMobi provides mobile advertising services ‘in 125 countries and they serve over 100 Billion mobile ads to date. InMobi provides a video which can also be found on The video shows information about the company as well as creative examples of their work.

Mobile advertisement is a new type of advertisement which is in the process. The mobile advertising network is still developing and we do not know yet where it might lead us. It is a fact that the demand for mobile advertisement grew over the past year by11% globally and by 17% in North America. Mobile advertisement becomes more important but every one of us has the possibility to decide whether to use and support mobile advertising or to avoid it.


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