One day in my life!? – in retrospect

One day without modern communication systems. Sounds easy. Just one day. One little day. Can’t be that hard, right?


During this blog post I want to report about my self-experiment, which I announced 2 weeks ago  in my 3rd blog post (One day in my life!?). Why should you read my post? Nothing new? It is all been done before? Maybe you are right BUT:

Do some soul-searching: Could you stand the constant temptation of modern communication? Are you strong enough? Think about your mobile-phone or your TV. Think about your Laptop with Skype, your E-Mail-Account or Facebook. Check out the article “Would we be better off without social media?”.

Is it even possible to stand the satisfaction of always being ‘up-to-date’, of knowing everything about your friends’ lives, about what is going on in the world surrounding you?

I think answering this question with a ‘yes’ is easy but keeping the course is really hard and not a lot of people would manage to do it. It is a question of self-discipline, of staying power and of self-confidence.

Self-confidence? – You might ask. Yes, self-confidence. Facebook is a lot but in my opinion for most people the new and modern way of getting recognition and acknowledgment within the circle of friends or maybe just ‘friends’?

Why are we so interested in what other people think about us? According to this article, Scientists proved “that humans’ brains are capable of managing a maximum of just 150 friendships”. Moreover, “Addictions expert David Smallwood claims that many who use Facebook become hooked on the urge to acquire more friends in an attempt to appear popular and successful. “

For a lot of people, Facebook is no longer a place to communicate but a place to be noticed.

I have to admit that it was easier than I thought not using Facebook an entire day. The thing that makes Facebook so addictive is the fear of missing something important. This creates the desire to use it on a regular base where the intervals are becoming steadily shorter. The crazy thing about that is that the smallest part of the news is really important.  After I have not used Facebook in the morning after I woke up and at midday, the wish of using Facebook slowly disappeared during afternoon and in the evening.

During my research I found a website referring to an interesting initiative called “Communication Shutdown” that shows the idea of not using Facebook or Twitter for one day in a wholedifferent light. Check out this video to learn more:

Interested in more information concerning Facebook Addiction and a humorous look on that issue? How about reading Lisa’s first blog post? You won’t regret it.

Not using the internet itself and especially my E-Mail Account was a lot harder for me. Not reading online-newspapers and not receiving my newsletters felt strange and I felt totally uninformed. But after I went to my letter box and I saw the newspaper in it my world felt all right again. A lot of people say, that nowadays, the world is moving faster than it used to. Probably, they are right. Knowledge is power in our “new” and globalized world. Not knowing means going under. Well, at least it feels this way.

Not using my mobile phone or a “normal” landline telephone was by far the hardest part for me, because I am absolutely a telephone-person. I could talk for hours and I people who know me know that I am not feared doing so.

In addition, I knew right from the beginning that my self-experiment could only happen on a day of the weekend, otherwise it would have been too risky missing something important about my studies. As a student of International Business Management” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law almost everything is organized via the Internet. I cannot even take my courses without using the web never mind communicating fast and effective with my professors.

Maybe I did not found it too hard using all these modern technologies and modern communication systems because it is summer outside. Hanging out outside the house with my friends and my family, without the need of watching TV or listening to the radio to entertain myself was totally easy and I felt wonderful and relieved during the day of yesterday. Maybe repeating this experiment during fall or winter would be harder. I think I will try it.

But as soon I realized that I had to tell you about my feelings and how I survived my day without modern communication systems today in this special blog post, I also realized that the best way to reach you, all these people somewhere in the world, is through exactly one of the medias I tried to avoid – Blogging.

But what now? Back to old habits like this experiment never happened and it changed nothing?

Well, I don’t know what tomorrow brings, so let’s wait and see. I will keep you informed. :)


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Born and raised in Berlin, Germany. 20-year-old girl. Studying "International Business Management" at Berlin School of Economics and Law although my Time-Management is really bad ;). Hates: Rainy days and people who are driving 30 km/h when 50 km/h are allowed. Loves: Kitschy staff, jewellery, gardening (green fingers) and movies (good and bad ones). View all posts by NerdyLaura

One response to “One day in my life!? – in retrospect

  • garciana


    I remember hearing you talk about this idea in the mensa and I am glad you did it! Your article kept me very interested from the beginning until the end. I loved the “Why should you read my post?” part, especially since that might have been a question many people asked themselves when starting to read since you had already dedicated a post to the topic before… Your text reads nicely, combining both personal experience as well as “what others say about the topic of your interest”.
    I totally agree with you when you say that leaving “Gesichtsbuch” is not so difficult after all. I left it last year in December and have not regretted it at all so far. But when it comes to other modern communication systems like email, mobile phones jada jada jada, I think I would have had difficulties managing a whole day of abstention. I am glad you enjoyed the experience, spending some quality time with your family and friends, and I will go find out more about the topic in the links you provide. Well done!

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