E-rection oder was?

Ain’t nothing to it, -porno- made me to it!

12% of all websites worldwide show pornographic content. 30 000 internet users watch porn right now. In 2006 the US made a profit of 2,84 billion through porn. More

Convinced? May porn, IT and a business-blog fit together somehow? Lets try:

Several years ago it was quiet hard for a man to find and watch porn. Videos and magazines had to be bootlegged into the house, hidden from wife and children and chances to watch the material were rare. And also – like everything on this mother earth, things needed time to develop. The first porns were quiet mainstream (as we would describe them today) and offered the good old wallflower- sex.

When the internet came up in the 90’s it raised to the redeemer of manhood. Porn pages boomed, prude shrank and already in 2007 every fourth search request on the net referred to pornographic content. The internet offers space and opportunity for all secret dreams, desires and pushed specific predilections. Looking at a general porn page today one finds categories for clown porn, group sex with pregnant women, double- anal and anyway all kinds of women in every colour, size and form.

Wasn’t that a great business idea?!? Millions and billions of profit are made yearly through porn production, its marketing and clicks on the net. A very demonstrative example of supply and demand.

The interesting thing about that topic is the aspect of how IT transformed something very human, very intimidate and very personal. From world wide web to down- town- bedroom.

In 1992 the University of Chicago published a survey about anal sex experiences of women between 25 and 29. Twenty percent answered with yes by then – in 2010 the number already more than duplicated on forty-six! Is that a prove for the change porn created in our bedrooms? Experts are discussing. Fact or base is: Porn just shows what was anyway in men’s heads. It existed before a camera team and some actors produced it visually. The other side focussed more on the women’s part: Besides the movement of feminism and strengthening of the woman’s role, the development of sexual habits worked against us. The expectancy of woman and their sexual condor grows and men classify more practices, positions and sceneries as normal. Especially younger people without real sexual experiences may get a wrong picture about sex and the woman’s role within it. Gail Dines, author of “Pornland – How porn has hijacked our sexuality”, claimed that porn creates too fast a sexual identity for boys, which is far from personal experiences and personality but influenced by what they have seen online – sex without love, respect and relation.

Finally I first want to distance myself from the discussion and give you space for your own thoughts. Still the moral question of that case demands another line of that blog and we should think about how we are influenced by porn, illustrations and every day advertisement. Do we change the supply or does it change us?

But the business shows how and why IT has so much power over us and reaches our society. Quiet an E-monster – isn’t it?


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Berlin-city-girl. 20 years old. Student of the HWR Berlin, International Business Management. Passion: overkills, dancing, nerds. View all posts by angiethiem

3 responses to “E-rection oder was?

  • NerdyLaura

    Hey Anja,
    what a great blog post!
    I really admire your courage to choose a topic like porn. I think it is very difficult to write about it although you are absolutely right: Sex is surrounding us. It is almost impossible to watch TV, surf on the internet, reading the newspaper or magazines or even listen to the radio without Sex being a topic – a real E-monster!
    But writing about sex and porn from a professional perspective and relating it to IT and business was certainly challenging but you managed it perfectly. You handled the balancing act between naming your personal opinion and giving me space to think about the topic on my own very well.
    Your writing style is very easygoing and at the same time really professional.
    I’m totally enthusiastic about your recent posts. Keep at it! Good to have you as a member of the Businessnerds. :)
    Chapeau! I take my hat off to you!

  • moonjungkoo

    Hi Angie, good job! I like what you said about “E-monster” and I feel we definitely need to protect school boys and school girls from this monster! To develop your idea, have you ever thought about how we could protect yongsters from perverted pornos? After your reading, I did a quick research and I was quite suprised by google.de. This is because, in S. Korea, people are required to identify themselves with their national identification number to have an access to pornos or run a research for anything including a word pornos. But, I found that there is no such thing in Germany. So, I thought it could be quite easy for boys to reach the monster. So, I was wondering how german parents could protect their boys and even girls. I will be happy to hear your thought on this! Again, good work!! Moon

  • Iris Ng

    Hey this is a really great post!

    I am amazed how you managed to so professionally deal with this sensitive topic of porn. And the way you presented your arguments really got me thinking – about how all these “E-monsters” are rapidly changing people’s concepts of their own sexuality and over-glorifying sex.

    It is also really interesting how you managed to relate IT, porn and business together! From your post I understood the very crucial role that IT played in propogating porn and the strong demand for it, leading to many business opportunities. It was a throughly enjoying read.

    I think the demand for porn will just continue growing so in that aspect, it could be a very viable business to venture into, ignoring all the moral implications. So now the question is, how should we manage this line between ethics and profits? A question many companies can relate to, in their own contexts.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this and thanks for the awesome post! :)

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