Using One Finger Tip

iPod Shuffe, Nano, Classic and Tough; iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPad 1 and 2 – i something in all variations and i do not care.

I have to admit that I have not been a big fan about the latest technical releases by apple. I simply did not see the purpose of an iPad which looks exactly like a bigger iPod Tough.

BUT my perspective has changed since I found out not long ago that people are able to paint amazing pictures on their iPads. They use technology to create a piece of art.   I was simply blown away when I saw youtube videos and pictures about those paintings. Since my interests are drawn to art I could not understand why I have not seen iPad paintings beforehand. I would like to show you the technique and some interesting examples to introduce you to a new type of art.

Everything an iPad or iPhone owner needs is an App such as Brushes, ArtStudio or  Sketchbook. The painting application features different brushes with which the  painter can draw different types of lines. One can also adjust the sizes, spacing and capacity. Furthermore, the application provides the user with a wide range of colors, multiply layers and the ability to zoom in. Very helpful is the undo bottom which deletes any mistakes that were made. In addition, all steps done can be replayed in a fast forward modus to look at the creation of the art work.

The iPad painter can do everything an original painter is able to do as well BUT on a screen using only one finger tip.

Corliss Blakely, an American painter, who has worked as a professional artist for many years was one of the first ones who discovered the tool of independent digital painting. Her passions are oil paintings but she points out one major disadvantage: “As an oil painter I work in a classical tradition style of glazing layers, which takes days for a painting to dry.” She also does not need any more paint, any brushes or other materials and no more canvas which all together can be quite expensive. Corliss Blakely is able to sell her digital created paintings on the internet for about $300.

Many people already discovered the new type of art since you can find plenty of information on the web. Videos, blogs and websites explain the technique, show examples and provide the viewer with workshops. This video shows how an iPad painting is created:

iPad and iPhone paintings show the development of art work- away from original paintings and drawing were brushes, canvas and paint were essential towards digital adjustments. Technology revolutionizes a new type of art which establishes new businesses (selling iPad paintings on the web) and which creates a new perspective of art work.


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This is my first real approach concerning blogging. I am 21 and I think it is about time to enter the world of blogging. I study ‘International Business Management’ in Berlin-one of my favorite cities. My interests are business, politics, arts, travelling…. View all posts by natiliab

5 responses to “Using One Finger Tip

  • domwoj

    Hey natiliab.
    Wow, I didn’t know about this one. I took time and watched the whole video and I’m really amazed at the professional extents of the apps. In my opinion it is definitely art and I’m really wondering how this kind of art is gonna be developing through out the next years. Looks like a new budding niche for painters. Your article gave me a short, but very informative outline of painting apps. The video finally showed the app, the iPad and the painter in action and clearly illustrated how all 3 components work perfectly together.
    I guess that’s the perfect example for “art meets technology.”
    I’m looking forward to reading your next posts and can’t wait to find out, which lines you draw next to connect art with technology!

  • Lisa

    Hey Nataliab,
    I’m really fascinated about this invention. I have to confess that I also always thought: Why do we need a bigger iPod? Just for reading, playing games and surfing through the world wide web? No. For Art. Art meets technology. Fantastic.
    I was so fascinated that I was searching for more videos about the iPad painting! Check it out:
    I mean, how can you draw a picture that really looks like a real photo? amazing.
    Or watch this:
    Painting cartoons!
    No more big bags of equipment are needed. Just the iPad and the fitting applications.
    That is definitely a kind of art I do like!
    Thanks, well done!

  • changyong

    Yes Yes right right.
    The company Apple came out with “I” series suddenly and astonishing people all over the world.

    Even though there the touch screen tech existed before already, non of the company in the market could persuade his customer with the tech.
    Apple is such an astonishing company.
    It really does create the new IT market which did not really exist before.

  • angiethiem

    Oleee Oleee :D
    I really admire the way u manage involving art in every of your blog posts. Straight line, clear perspective and you find new and new topics every week! Its a nice deversion besides all other blogs referring to technologie, internet and business.
    I wrote a post about “how-to” videos on youtube and i found something simular to what you just described… drawing via “paint” :

    nice nice :) keep on!

  • karenge

    Hey Natalie,

    Thanks for the both informative and absolutely interesting post! That is so fascinating, seeing how the painters manage to do such wonderful pictures with their iPads.
    I need to agree with you, as I am also not such a keen follower of all the new iproducts, but when you see for what they can be used besides of the obvious functions, it is definitely worth getting to know them better.
    When I have heard of these Painting Apps I actually thought the digitally drawn pictures would not look like real paintings, but your post and some videos convinced me to think otherwise.

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