thin, thinner, PaperPhone

Today everything has to be thin, smart and trendy. Not only on the runway but also in other areas the slogan is “the thinner the better”.

We can see this phenomenon also in information technology. Laptops, notebooks, smart phones. Everything becomes more and more flatter and lighter. Today, Apple’s iPhone 4 is the flattest smart phone…but what will happen next week or even tomorrow?

The answer is the paper phone- the phone of the future, fitting into the purse.

Created by research team at the Queen’s University in Canada and the Arizona State University it is supposed to replace all ordinary cell phone within 5-10 years (according to Dr. Roel Vertegaal, director of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab)

At first appearance it seems quite normal- mp3 player, e-book reader, calendar, contacts and phoning of course. But if you hold it in your handy you will notice that it differs from all nokia, android or blackberry phones. Despite the 9.5 centimeter screen it is said to feel similar to a flexible piece of plastic. It is best described as a “flexible iPhone” according to Dr. Roel Vertegaal.

Imagine: your phone could be placed next to your credit card!

According to Jennifer Bergen: Its thin body resembles that of a paper document, but, according to the video below, underneath the screen is a “flexible printed circuit with resistive bend circuits,” which are used to identify the bending of the display screen. The user actually chooses the shape for each function. For example, you can choose to bend the upper-right corner to make a call, or bend the lower left to listen to music. These shapes are then recorded into the software, and when repeated, they send the appropriate action to the device.

Vertegaal also said that with larger versions we’ll “no longer need paper or printers.”

Does that characterize the office of the future? No paper on the desk any longer but in return a bunch of flat computers? Wasn’t the paperless office already a vision in the eighties and nineties as the computer was more and more introduced for office tasks?

Are you interested in creating or implementing a paperless office?

Here you may find some helpful hints…

And if you want to read more about the paper phone- go ahead:
Spiegel Online
Telecom News


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2 responses to “thin, thinner, PaperPhone

  • angiethiem

    Hey hey Lizzlely,
    since you have told me about your blogpost and I finally found it with the appealing headline thin thinner thinnest… Yepp. I had to push the continue reading button.The video gave me a better idea of how the technology might look like… pow – what a business idea. but seriously – i personally think it still looks a little ugly, cheap and colourless, doesn’t it`? I hope they will actually improve the design until they publish it. What I will do now, right after posting my comment, is reading more about the paperless office. sounds interesting :)
    Maybe you should put the picture above the “more” line so that people get faster your idea?Mh? :)

    What i really need to say at the end. I am impressed by what you find every other week on the net. REALLY new stuff and things we REALLY havent heard of before. I seriously do learn through you!!! :)

    Thank you madame!

  • Lisa

    Thanks Anja,
    I put the ‘more’ sign under the picture. You’re right, that looks more attractive/ appealing!
    thanks for this hint :)
    By the way…I totally agree that this design isn’t the best so far! There has to be something done to compete in the market. Furthermore I guess that the handling could be quite curious at the first time! We will see. I’ll hope to find more information about the development… I’ll keep up to date :)
    greetings, lisa

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