I watch, you tube!

24hours a day. 7 days a week. 12 months a year. Result 31st december: Didn’t stop smoking, didn’t meet future husband, didn’t learn how to do the two finger whistle. DAMN IT!

You know, I started to take pictures and collect them in a nice photo album when I was 12 years old. Until today I filled 4 books with hundreds of memories, stories and faces. I even wrote a journal for some years and tried hard to keep track of what I experienced, saw and felt. Now the part for all the hobby psychologists: What the heck was I trying to catch there?!?
Anyway – guess facebook is the solution for fools like me with the eternal desire to remember, look back and live their memories. BUT STOP – no, this won’t be another post about facebook. Keep on reading and E-LEARN dear fellows:

The point I wanna make is more, is it really a bunch of pictures which identifies my personality? Coming back to the beginning of my blog post (for lazy fingers, don’t scroll up… it’s senseless anyway) – what counts at the end of a year, phase or life? Yada yada yada (reality showed again, even in blog posts I am not able to do what I actually planned…) POINT IS: Stop filling your albums with pictures of the past – start living the today and take your chance to prove that you are worth it to be here on earth (I am a Christian and 100% sure you are!).

What have you learned last week? Or let’s say last months? Something cool, something you can impress your next lover with? Something entertaining you can perform on the next home party? Was there something you wanted to learn for many years? Or are you jealous of the salsa skills of your room mate?

I def. have to learn how to come to the point:

YOUTUBE! How did you use the page so far? Most of us use it for watching music videos (and discovered their hate for intellectual property rights) or to watch episodes of “How I met your mother” (etc.). But have you ever seen that:

You got the idea?
I wanna show you some cool videos I discovered surfing the net and what can be helpful in everyday life, on the next party, wherever u might think you performance is upgradeable:

Next party hit;

How to braid you own hair:

How to smoke rings:

First Guitar lesson:

Enough from my side now. I guess you yourself have a hundred more ideas about what would be cool to learn and what’s worth it to spend time on.

But isn’t it cool, how the internet is able to teach me and a thousand other people at the same time? One teacher, one million pupils! Amazing, right? A quiet simple form of E-Learning and a good first step to figure out if you like it or now. – I def. do!
I won’t bore you with other information about E for today. Take this as a first motivation and learn to love it before we get professional.

My absolute favourite How-to-video at the end:

You hear from me next week!
So far, take care and let the letter E-nfect you!


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Berlin-city-girl. 20 years old. Student of the HWR Berlin, International Business Management. Passion: overkills, dancing, nerds. View all posts by angiethiem

7 responses to “I watch, you tube!

  • Bruce Spear

    This is a completely fabulous waste of time, thanks, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! I think what you’ve done is turn “how to” videos into a meme, and I think that’s brilliant. Do you know about memes? Boxxy? I spent a wonderful afternoon exploring one of them and writing it up, here: http://brucespear.com/webwork/comments/know-your-meme/. Enjoy! Dr.B!

    • angiethiem

      That’s amazing!!! Incredible how passionate the people created the costums… I just love watching people in their element. Even though we sometimes cannot identify with someone’s “hobby” – emphathy makes the world a better place :D

  • Nadja K.

    How amazing!
    Never thought I would end up with a bunch of great “how to …” movies when hitting that CONTINUE READING button. You started off with a topic that pretty much stood for my online communicating behavior (and I thought THAT was appealing), but than you switched over to something even more innovative. And yes, I use those How to videos as well :) So did you learn how to blow smoke bubbles?

    Maybe you have a a minute to look at this video of Kutiman-Thru-you/ “The mother of all Funk chords”:

    They actually took parts out of videos that said “how to play the [INSTRUMENT]” and created a completely cool, new song! Enjoy listening and thanks for the post.


  • SparklinGesine

    Hi Anja,
    basically, I just wanted to read your blog post and then do my homework but as you might guess that wasn’t possible because I got stuck at YouTube watching guitar videos and learned, how to do wonderful braids… and of course, I watched one video after another and time went by… thanks to you ;)

    YouTube is indeed wonderful for E-learning and they even got lectures for business students there (e.g. Macroeconomics, the circular flow of income: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaEY-p-21F8)
    It’s convenient and it doesn’t take much time but you will find the answer to almost everything on this platform. Unbelievable, that YouTube isn’t even 6 years old!

  • angiethiem

    Check this video out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rObgXiQEV8g&feature=related

    How to do “planking” and especially: WHERE! ;)

  • mengmei

    first of all,let me praise your excellent job!
    I think it is a perfect one and can be a good example.Because firstly, you have a very good title that can my eyes at first sight.Secondly, at the very beginning, your start sentences are also attractive.”24hours a day. 7 days a week. 12 months a year…”So what are you going to discuss?I was very curious about it at that time.
    And then, you give us a very different opinion of collecting photos before. Not the end. I thought that maybe you will talk something about facebook.However, things are not like that. You totally give us another surprise again and then get into the really topic.
    Thanks for intruducing a new way to us and change my mind of doing the same boring things(upload photos to keep memories ongoing) everyday.

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