Can Technology Be Expressed Through Architecture?

After having written two blog posts about the connection between art and business technology, I thought about choosing another topic to write about. At first, I thought that I told everything about art and technology that interests me. But then I noticed that I still felt drawn to my topic and I continued looking for connections between art and technology. I thought that the different types of art might give me an inspiration what to write about. I thought about paintings, drawings, designing, photography, prints and the finally architecture.

Technology is inevitable for any architect nowadays. Older generations drew their projects by hand but today’s architects use computer programs and software to design buildings.  Technology facilitates the process of designing because it goes faster, the designs are more precise and the illustration is more realistic.

The minute I thought about architecture my mind was immediately drawn to t
he company Otto Bock, a world leader in prosthetics and orthotics. The company invests in the research of bionic. Bionic is the development of natural structures and processes to technological solutions. All of their products are derived from the biology of human beings in order to provide the most comfortable prostheses.

Otto Bock was founded in 1919 in Königsee, Germany and it is still a family owned business. For their 90th anniversary Otto Bock built a headquarter in Berlin that reflects the bionic philosophy of the company. The six-storey building by Gnädinger Architects ‘resembles the structure of muscle fibers’ and therefore has a very organic and dynamic structure. It’s modern and unique design has a futuristic appealing that reflects the constant development of the company. The clarity of the building is expressed through the simple white facade which has some black elements. The Otto Bock headquarter is a ‘model of harmony between technology and people.

Gnädinger Architects used the tool of architecture to express technology in the façade and in the structure of a building. The Science Center Medical Technology hosts many public exhibitions concerning the movement of people as well as conventions and seminars.  I can only recommend you to check out the building yourself because it is really worth to see. In addition the entrance to the building and to the exhibitions is for free. You can go inside from Thursday to Sunday 10 am to 6pm. For further information check out the website of the Science Center Medical Technology.

I hope I was able to show you that technology is a big part of architecture. The example I provided describes a specific type of building that also connects to technology. Art and technology has a strong connection that exists in your everyday life.


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This is my first real approach concerning blogging. I am 21 and I think it is about time to enter the world of blogging. I study ‘International Business Management’ in Berlin-one of my favorite cities. My interests are business, politics, arts, travelling…. View all posts by natiliab

One response to “Can Technology Be Expressed Through Architecture?

  • NerdyLaura

    Hey Nathalie,
    I rummaged through our blog again and I coundn’t believe that this wonderful post had no comment…
    I took a walk with my friends from the Potsdamer Platz to the Brandenburger Tor last week and on our way we passed the Otto Bock headquarter. Immediately, I remebered your post, which I read a few weeks ago. We went inside and it was great that the entrance and the exhibition was for free. We had a lot of fun. The wonderful thing about Berlin is, that I live here for all my life, and there are still new things to discover.
    Thanks for reminding me of that! :)
    Good work!

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