I like.

As quite everyone seems to be interested in THE social network facebook I cannot avoid to write my third post about this topic again (my first post has already consisted of the ‘Internet’s gold child’). It is tracking me every day, every second, always. I can’t get it out of my head and this makes me crazy. I’m always thinking: A new facebook related post again? Is there no other interesting topic to write about? Are we all uncreative bloggers? Facebook here, facebook there, facebook everywhere?? Aaaargh. That sucks.

BUT. I was searching about different kinds of customer targeting, search engine optimizing (SEO), online marketing etc. and everything, really everything was leading me to articles, texts and posts containing facebook. How this social network is doing this? And how that? And why? And and and… So, it IS such an important topic and I can assess becalmed: well, no problem, go on writing about this phenomena although some of my followers may be bored…

I’m not bored. Not yet. Since I’m working as a working student at an online marketing department of a company I wanted to learn more about how it is possible to target customer so preciously that they feel understood, addressed and willing to buy. And then I stumbled over the ‘I like’ phenomena. As everyone of you probably knows: ‘I like’ is the little blue button in form of a ‘thumps-up’ hand tracking you almost everywhere you are while surfing through the World Wide Web.  Quite everyone/ everything is asking you: ‘Do you like’?

Well, first of all, before I’m going to explain why this little icon is gaining more and more influence and power: Happy Birthday! Facebook’s ‘Like’ button celebrated his 1st birthday in April 2011.

WOW, 1 year old and already ruling the world- that has to be discovered!

Do you like?

Big companies and also more and more middle and small sized companies are implementing the ‘I like’ button so that every facebook user can ‘like’ this specific page or just ignore it.

The fashion giant Levi’s was one of the first companies that had implemented the ‘I like’ button on their product page of the online shop. But what are exactly the advantages of having many fans? And what is the value of each single fan?

The answer to this question I found here. It is definitely not helpful to concentrate only on the number of fans but considerably more on the interaction with them. The facebook fan-pages are no advertising platforms. They rather shall support the communication among the company and (potential) customers. Feedback, critic and interaction are really important to get to know the customers and therefore to target them better and address them successful. So as you can see facebook is still bringing me back to my actual topic- customer targeting!

One other thing is that you get some advantages after liking a specific page- price advantages for example. If you like the homepage of this specific club you won’t have to pay entry this night. I mean, that is attractive for you, isn’t it? And it is good for the nightclub: all of your friends can see that you liked it, and their friends and their friends and their friends…the club becomes more and more popular and gets promoted with every new liker. But the question is, wherefrom knows facebook in which homepage you could be interested. Another post helped me in finding he answer!

Context based Advertising

Facebook is using context based advertsing- a method primary used by Google before. It means that the advertising perfectly matches with the content you are writing about- a bit scary, isn’t it? On the other hand it is such a great deal, imagine: you are writing a friend that you are searching a new car…and plop– there it is!

So, whatever I was searching for, facebook played a big role. I found really interesting posts describing the need of customer targeting in order to achieve the companies’ goals- attract new customers. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is supporting the whole development concerning online marketing and it is unimaginable for many businesses to compete in the market without these possibilities!

And by the way… for many of us is living without the social network facebook unimaginable, too :)

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2 responses to “I like.

  • Bruce Spear

    Excellent post! What would make it even better is to offer me the links which, as a very curious reader, I’ve had to go find by myself. For instance, what about the Levi’s “like” campaign? I go on the web and I find not only an informative description of what you are talking about — where is your citation? mine is here: http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com/2010/04/levis-integrates-facebooks-like-button.html, so you can check it out faster than I could check out your reference — but I discovered the website where this link is to be found, http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com/, which is a completely fascinating site: I learn not only about Levi’s, but about all sorts of other things: make your post a GATEWAY to the web, a place where people will want to visit because you’ve done some editing/selecting for them, and if you are good at it they will come back as they will trust your judgment (tell me that “ifitshipitshere” isn’t an interesting site!). That is, your post is excellent — as far as it goes. Your opinion really is just fine — as far as it goes. How about extending your reach? Develop a new way of writing whereby you play the role of CONNECTOR, not simply somebody with an opinion, but someone who CONNECTS me to all sorts of interesting stuff. It is VERY easy to do this. Type “like button Levi’s” into google.com, survey a dozen or so of the zillion, get a feel for all the chatter/conversation about your topic, and not only become an authority on how people are talking about the Levi like button campaign, but learn how to become an instant (almost) authority on marketing phenomena: find out who are the movers and shakers in the blogging community in your marketing field (people who might come in handy when you are looking for an internship in just a few (less than 100) weeks). Ideas and concepts are just great, but people are even greater, or? Good luck!!!! Dr.B!

  • Lisa

    Thanks Dr. B!
    I really try to take your hints into account for my next post!
    I visited so many different and interesting websites but it was my fault not to integrate them.
    I will definitely do it the next time!
    Thanks for your evaluation, it is good to have some feedback!

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