What a difference a day made… Part I

…Twenty four little hours, what a difference a day made… and the difference is you!

In my first blog post, I said, I am going to present you easy possibilities to be greener in daily life and before we have a look at green businesses, we will view our personal (green?) lives. Together, we will walk through a day which is as environmentally acceptable as it possibly can be.  The main point here is energy efficiency and you’ll be surprised to hear that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade present Greening Operations guides to enlighten the people.

Surely, you’ll know some of these examples, but I think it is important that you are aware of the consequences of your actions in this topic and maybe there are ideas that you had not thought of…

Imagine, this song (my favorite version being from Jamie Cullum) takes you away from your sweet dreams to this very special day: green day :) or shall we better say eco-friendly-day? You switch on the lamp beside your bed. This lamp uses energy-saving light bulbs, either CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) or LED lights. Those cost a little bit more, but they last much longer and are much more energy-efficient, so at the end, you save money with those bulbs.

Now you grab the remote control because you want to switch on your stereo system, but it does not work, the batteries are low. You use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones and you put the used batteries in the (solar-paneled) recharger.

Your eyes are not really open yet, so you go into the bathroom to wash your face. Be sure to close the tab tightly after use as dripping tabs are a costly thing: one drop per second adds up to over 10,000 liters per year. After having a pee, you press the small button for flushing (the big one is for bigger business). If you have an old-fashioned toilet reservoir, put one or two plastic containers filled with stones in order to reduce the amount of water flushing (think of the water you save in a year, if you save 4 liters per flush).

Back in the kitchen, you prepare your coffee. The coffee is fair-traded and you use filters made of recycled paper for the coffee machine. Coffee grounds work wonderfully as fertilizer for your plants. But on week days, you don’t have much time and you use a French coffee press, which doesn’t require paper filters at all.

Annoyed, you realize that the cornflakes package is empty. You throw the plastic and the paper packaging into different bins and open a new pack. Old batteries (dangerous toxics!) and wine corks (scarce resource!) you collect in order to bring them to a collecting station, for example Kaiser’s.

>>> That’s the first part of the exemplary eco-friendly day and in the next week, you will learn amongst other things about printer cartridges and reducing your electricity bill…


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20 year-old girly girl from the eastern part of Germany, now studying at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Loves music, cinema and this fancy invention called "internet". View all posts by SparklinGesine

5 responses to “What a difference a day made… Part I

  • Bruce Spear

    Fabulous post, SparklinGesine, thanks! This led me to go on the web, Google Blog Search, to learn more, and being a coffee drinker I looked for “fair trade”, but being a curious business type I also added the word “problems”, and I found a gold mine! There’s a great Wikipedia article for an overview, then articles on the politics that led me to realize that all is not well with my “fair trade” coffee. Hmmm! I found a review of studies, http://www.fairtradeshoes.org/studies-on-the-impact-of-fair-trade/, a study on the question of whether it reduces poverty, http://imaginedmag.com/2011/03/does-fair-trade-coffee-eliminate-poverty/, the “hidden face”, http://www.udutama.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=101%3Ala-cara-oculta-del-comerc-just-&catid=53%3Aopinio&Itemid=84&lang=en, and my favorite, as it lead to a fascinating article, http://knowledgeproblem.com/2011/02/16/fair-trade-for-coffee-may-be-good-but/. Hmmm! I LOVE your detailed attention to the impacts of our everyday actions. Even better would be to broaden your reach and lens to look at the business of fair trade! I can’t wait to see what you might do next! Enjoy! Dr.B!

  • johannpf

    Hey. That’s a really good idea for a blog post :) Taking the reader through a step-by-step guide of how to live greener. I haven’t seen a similar approach on any of the other blogs. I was a bit puzzled when the post was suddenly over and you hadn’t explained the actual reasons for your arguments. I mean, most of it is self-evident and general knowledge, but it would be great to learn more.
    Recently I heard about new research concerning the energy saving light bulbs. It seems they’re pretty unhealthy. Check out this link:
    What do you think about that?

  • SparklinGesine

    hi Johann,
    thanks for your comment. This blog post will be followed by a second part next week with further explanations. :)
    thanks as well for the link. I watched the video with great interest. Thoses gases they found are not dangerous in the normal use but you have to be very careful if one bulb breaks into pieces…Nevertheless, energy-saving light bulbs are better for the environment, although they carry some risks. We need to trust in further development in technology (LED)but until then, I will use energy-saving light bulbs and I’ll handle them carefully ;)

  • natiliab

    Gesine, I am now a regular reader of your posts because I like your topic a lot and I like your style of writing!
    I think it is such a great idea to write about possibilities to live eco-friendly in your everyday life. You have mentioned some very interesting steps such as the coffee filters that I have never thought about. I think it is also great that you do not just tell the audience that they should be using eco-friendly things BUT you name specific examples like the CFL or LCD bulbs. I am very excited to read more about the rest of the day and to get to know more things I can change in my everyday life!!

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    […] start off, you use firstly the tips for your own household (see What a difference a day made… Part I  and What a difference a day made… Part II ) and apply them to your work place.  For […]

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