One day in my life!?

My first two blog posts dealt with procrastination and how modern technologies and communication systems contribute to it. Thinking that issue over and over again my thoughts lead to following questions:

How would it be to life one day without modern communication systems?

Is it even possible to banish them out of my life?

Do I really need them and why do they seem to have such an essential meaning in today’s society?

And most important: How would I feel during that day? Lost or maybe relieved?

From that moment on, I wanted answers to these questions and by now I am getting mentally prepared for that day which will be during the next week where I will not use communication technologies.

To go ahead with this self-experiment the term of modern communication systems has to be defined and restricted. But what is “modern”? I decided to impose a ban on my radio, my TV, my cell phone, my telephone, my E-Mail-Account and last but not least on Facebook. So help me God!

Newspapers, Magazines and Books are allowed. After all, Johannes Gutenberg invented letterpress printing in the 15th century so I dare not counting it as “modern” although it has not lost its importance until now and the term “modern” is totally relative.

I have to admit that I am already a little nervous when I am thinking about not having the possibility to communicate through modern systems but I hope to have more time for other important things like my studies instead of procrastinating myself all the time. But I have the feeling that that will not work because I will procrastinate myself by thinking about not using the technologies available.

I am eager to see if I can manage to do it and how I will feel.  I hope some of you will follow me and join this little experiment. But maybe you should wait until next week when you have read my review in my fourth blog post to avoid bad surprises.

And when temptation is going to overcome all the best of intentions, I will try to remember the two following things

  1. The people inside the Big Brother Houses managed to do it, so I manage to do it, too. :)
  2. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook. There is a life without Facebook…

To be continued…


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Born and raised in Berlin, Germany. 20-year-old girl. Studying "International Business Management" at Berlin School of Economics and Law although my Time-Management is really bad ;). Hates: Rainy days and people who are driving 30 km/h when 50 km/h are allowed. Loves: Kitschy staff, jewellery, gardening (green fingers) and movies (good and bad ones). View all posts by NerdyLaura

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