Confuse me, please!

Like a virgin… do some people (and solidary I include myself) feel and behave surfing through the net.
E- what? Twitter-who? Bloggaweggadingdong?

Funny enough those people are usually the ones who are anyway confused – also in every day life. Are you one of us? Running from A to B, 500 friends on Facebook (and to socialize is THE favourite game), work without pressure doesn’t work and our memory has the capacity of a walnut. Too much, too fast and still not enough. Yepp – that’s us.

What we don’t know – the internet can help us! There is space and opportunity for us to sort our busy and maybe partly unstructured life. Due to my courses in school I was – let’s say more or less forced to read through blogs, register for e-learning systems and use other applications. With a tide time schedule and a hundred other plans on my mind I would describe the process more as exhausting, inaccurate or just boooooring. But then, ladies and gentleman… (ho ho hooo – climax in sight) – I found , my new digital brain (which hopefully works better than that walnut -.-) :

Evernote is a software/app/website which was designed for digital note taking and saving of data. You can drop images, audio, PDF’s into your account and capture every and any content you find surfing the web. Instead of writing unclear scratches into your book use evernote for taking notes digitally in class, meeting agendas,  draft blog posts and organizing your project. And the best – wohooo – share it with others. I was   really amazed when I discovered the variety of that E- thing (look at my first post… the letter is really hunting us). I can save everything really well- arranged (like on a desktop) and I cannot forget, what I once remembered because of the visual tools. Like watching inside a brain! Yeahaaaa! For a real life example of how evernote supported a growing business watch:

So common’ dear follows and fans of fast, furious life. Take your chance and let the internet work for you. It helps us to set priorities and remind us on what we actually wanted to do (beside chatting on facebook).

I have to admit – yeah… internet scares me a little bit. But step by step I try with you to discover its chances and see through the mass of apps, pages and offers.

Let’s E- xplore it together!


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Berlin-city-girl. 20 years old. Student of the HWR Berlin, International Business Management. Passion: overkills, dancing, nerds. View all posts by angiethiem

11 responses to “Confuse me, please!

  • Sophie


    I really liked your post! I have to admit that I had serious problems when first coming into touch with the INTERNET (!!!) in seventh grade. All of my friends used it regulary, but I did not even know how to use Google…

    It’s nice that you’ve found such a great alternative in the form of, I will definitly try it!

    To summarise, your blog is very funny and I look forward to know more about your quest to understand what the internet (and everything else with a captial ‘E’) is all about!



  • itgalina

    Dear Angie!
    Wow what a cool invention, thanks for sharing it with us! The video is really cool and explaining. Now I wanna start using and hope that it helps me to stay away from facebook and get my work done. If it does, it will be one of the best inventions ever. I am looking forward to hear from your experiences and succeses with it!

  • domwoj

    Hey Angie. Good post. I like the way you state your problem, clearly define it and after all give a solution which could be also a help for other people.
    I checked out and It is a quite useful tool, also for people who are not scared of the world wide web at all ;) I think I’ll get one of these digital brains myself as well. I also like your writing style.
    2 Thumbs up and good luck for getting along on the internet.

  • lenahaase

    Hey Anja,
    You wrote a very interesting blog post! I didn’t know the website, so I will check it out because I def belong to the walnut-brain group! I am a very big fan of your writing style! It’s like talking to somebody.. very vivid and entertaining! I also enjoy your metaphorical language and your comparisons. Good job!!

  • Lisa

    I was editing our blog with the new header— yeeeeah, cool, isn’t it?! :D and I really didn’t want to read any post because I have already written my 6 comments on a variety of posts yesterday…BUT I changed my mind after scanning your introduction –> this is exactly my problem at the moment.. I think that I am not able to manage my daily schedule: courses here, work there, friends, meetings, appointments…more and more and more…?!?
    I always thought to forget something very important but thanks to you: I’ll definitely will try your find!
    Hopefully it will help me to manage my day better than now!
    By the way, I really like your way of writing. It really makes fun to read your posts, even at 10.30 pm.
    So, good job Anja, I’m excited to read more of your interesting and lovely written texts!

  • itjohanna

    First thing to say Anja would be:
    Great talent in writing and especially knowing what readers want to read, what keeps them interested. I guess you are one of the very few persons who could make even topics like “how to knit overcoats for my loo paper rolls” sound that interesting, that your readers enjoy reading. Anyways, what makes your post even greater is that you chose an interesting topic on top and share your discovery with us! You give us the chance to identify and feel like talking to you in person over a cup of coffee. I hope you continue writing in this way, you have the bravery to show that you are not perfect… what just hits the nerve as no one is, it makes you appear really authentic and likable!
    Thanks for writing in this refreshing way!


  • Stephanie Krogmann

    Hey Anja,

    thanks for this well written post. I have never heard about before, but after reading your post I will def. try it. I use to have a notebook with me, so that I can write down appointents with a pen, but I think you are offering a really good and more modern possibility. You can have access to it, even when you forgot all your stuff. All you need is a computer (that´s especially good for me, as I´m a clumsy person) What´s even better, you can share it, awesome!

    Your idea is something a will try out, but I have to admit that I also like to have my “oldfashioned” notebook…Using both would be a good combination. :)

    I really like your style of writing, it bonds the reader in a funny way. I am excited for the next post :)

  • itsonja

    Hey Anja,
    wow I’m really impressed with your writing style. great post. your headline already made me want to read further and then I was glad to be informed about this cool online-agenda thing that’s exactly what I need :) so thanks for that. Keep on writing, you’re clearly talented in that!

  • Marina Zaitseva

    I think someone in our class is doing well with the blogs!)) It is! Congrats! I think your secrets are in great headings and cool language, and interesting topics you chose! wowow!

    Look, I find this information cool for I didn’t know about this EVERNOTE and it made me curious to click the link and as I did like it too, I click the video on Youtube! Amazing video. About the video – it is pretty new – April 2011, is this EVERNOTE is also smth new? Smth you found recently or u have been using it ?

    cant wait your next post,
    Have good weekends!!

  • itjessica

    Although there are already a lot of comments, I really want to tell you that I enjoyed reading your post!
    Actually I was just skimming through different posts on your blog, but then I started reading your first paragraph and I couldn’t stop anymore. Your writing style is amazing, especially the “neologisms” at the beginning of the article were fun reading and helped me to immediately identify myself with your topic.
    This EVERNOTE software sounds very interesting and I think it’s a really good invention.
    I mean if you use Firefox as your internet browser there is still the “bookmark” option to save webpages you visited, but I think it is way better if you have a programme that combines everything: Note-taking, webpages, videos, etc…
    Great discovery!

  • mengmei

    nice blog!Thanks for sharing such a software with us. but I wonder whether it is really good for us especially in taking notes during the class.Because I think the purpose of taking notes is not only to write them down in order to review them in the future,but also through the process of writing them down, we can remember them as deep as we can. so I think it is worth thinking.
    However, I like your title very much. There are several blogs in your group, but your title catched me at first sight so that I chose to read this at first. anyway, good job~

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