Fit yourself into the screen

In this article I want to present a new startup from Berlin that introduced a new method to measure the body dimensions with the aid of a normal webcam. It shall facilitate the online shopping and reduce return shipments.

At my interest in new innovations I’m always looking for new inventions, especially concerned with the simplification of the daily life.

A few days ago, I found an interesting article in Die Welt about a new startup from Berlin called UPcload. After explaining what the innovation is about I’d like to give my opinion. Feel free to comment, to (dis-)agree or to give new ideas!

Measurement of Online Customer

Despite the increasing tendency of the use of online shops there is still one problem: the high number of return shipments. Approximately 40% of all ordered clothes are sent back because they do not fit to the customers’ body dimension- but this WAS a problem.

The founder of UPcload Asaf Mose and Sebastian Schulze developed in cooperation with computer scientists form the Humboldt-University a new application that shall measure all body dimensions within 40 seconds. The only things you need are an ordinary webcam, tight clothes (without tight clothes the measurement can be inaccurate), a CD as reverence object to calculate the exact body dimension and 40 seconds of your time.

The user has to stay calm in the given screen and has to be photographed in maximal five positions.

Image Source

The next step is to send the pictures to UPcload – They will determine all relevant measurements. Every user gets an own UPcload-ID wherewith he or she can shop fitting exactly at every network partner. YouTailor will be estimated the first customer of UPcload.

Increasing laziness?

Image Source

I’m wondering if the introduction of the online measurement of body dimensions will amplify everyone’s laziness, especially the laziness of men?!

Imagine, a young lady wants to go shopping with her boyfriend and his only answer will be ‘Oh no, I know my size, the online shop knows my size and will suggest me all different kinds of clothes that are fitting to me. Why should I go to a real shop where no one knows my real size?’

That is definitely not an answer the lady wants to hear. Could this become a serious problem? As we all know, most of men are not very interested in strolling through thousands of shops and this invention will definitely reinforce the opinion of not having to do it.

But as a real problem I wouldn’t name it. I guess we will still have enough power to determine where to purchase!

Despite this I think this is a really good idea to decrease the number the return shipments and to improve the online shopping for all customers. Furthermore, it will definitely facilitate to target specific customers according to their size.

So all in all is to say, that UPcload will maybe support the laziness of some individuals but the advantages for the online shop business are remarkable.


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6 responses to “Fit yourself into the screen

  • Franzi

    Hey Lisa!
    I really like that one. I´ve never heard of it before and it´s just a crazy but convenient idea I think. I totally agree with you – advantages for online shop business would be remarkable. But honestly I can´t imagine using it, of course it wouldn´t be that frustrating anymore but I´m a girl and I try clothes on even though it´s not my size, just to check if it fits or just to image that it could fit sooner or later…
    You did a good job ;)

  • mengmei

    It is wonderful to put your own experience in. On basis of your owm interest, you show us a very good new way about the online shopping.And at the first part, you say the purpose of the article clearly so that everyboby interested in the topic would like to continue the reading. and at last, you have also considered about the problem it will happen, so thoughtful.anyway, good job~

  • itjohanna

    Hey Lisa!
    How great that you inform us about this new invention! How often did I send clothes back to mail-holder wholesalers!
    This new invention seems to be able to facilitate actions for purchaser and wholesaler.
    I like that you chose a topic of your own interest, it makes the blog definitely more lively and easy to read.
    I enjoyed, good work!


  • Iris Ng

    Hey I like this post alot!

    I have heard of this concept before but I alwys questioned its reliability. But after reading what you wrote about them requiring tight clothing and all, I’m starting to believe that it actually works!

    It’s a really interesting concept and can greatly improve the online shopping experience. You expressed concern over whether this may potentially decrease in-store customers, but I beg to differ.

    I think people in general, (especially ladies) enjoy the experience of going to a store and physically touching the clothes, feeling the fabric and seeing all the various colours. Trying on clothes is an experience in itself!

    So I think this concept will be useful in furthering the prospects of online shopping, but will not necessarily diminish the passion involved in in-store shopping!

    P.S. I really like the photo you inclided! :)

  • lisaneubert

    Hey Lisa,

    what a great topic. I haven’t heard about it before! But it makes me more curiuos! To my mind, this invention does really improve our economy and our environment. I think I’ll try it out next time.
    But on the other hand it could really destroy all shops, because it is not necessary to go there anymore. Maybe items which costs more than 200€ or $ can be just try in the shop. This would be a fair opportunity to keep shops but also to reduce shipping costs by using UPcload.
    I would be interested which shops offer this UPcload. But nevertheless, I really have learned somethinh while reading your post.

    All the best, Lisa.

  • karenge

    Hey Lisa,
    first of all, it’s really good to know about this innovation! I mean that can really save time and money to both consumers as well as wholesalers if we wouldn’t have to return not-fitting clothes all the time. And it sounds so convinient! But I can also totally agree with Iris’ comment, I guess she is right by saying that most people prefer in-store shopping to just touch the clothes, so UPcload’s innovation wouldn’t really reduce the number of in-store shoppers.
    I really enjoyed reading your post, keep on going like that!

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