Art Meets Technology

The previous post I published dealt with the connection between art and business technology. I was not satisfied with the relationship I came up with, so I decided to make further investigations.  My personal mission was: Find a closer link between ART & IT.

The first thing I modified was the way I researched for the topic. While researching for the first post I did not get good Google results. Many Google suggestions dealt with: the art of….. (for example starting a business). However, ‘the art of’ describes that someone has a skill in something. This meaning did not help me with my search. As a result, I changed my search term from Art as a Business to connecting art and business technology.

The third link Google that came up was a PDF file about a Business Journal of a small town. The first article talks about the fact that art in forms of museums, exhibitions or festivals attracts many tourists which leads to an improvement of the economy of a city due to overnight says in hotels or dining at local restaurants. This article gave me a specific connection between art and economy. However, I still did not find a link between art and business technology. So I continued my research.

I changed my search engine from Google to Google blogs, where I hoped to find recent personal comments on the topic. My immediate attention was drawn to the fourth link because of its title: Art Meets Technology. The post talks about a project which is described as the following:

         ‘Presented by AOL, Seven on Seven will pair seven leading artists with seven game-changing technologists in teams of two, and challenge them to develop something new—be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine—over the course of a single day. The seven teams will unveil their ideas at a one-day event at the New Museum on May 14th, 2011.’

After having read the description of the project I was very curious what kind of outcome could be produced by the collaboration. Lisa Baldini, the blogger of the post, came up with a specific example. She referred to a video about WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and media artist Evan Roth’s approach to combine art and technology.

The 30 minute video describes the change and development WordPress goes through on a regular basis. The artist and the technologist present in the video their new ideas to improve the blog. I think the most interesting development is the ‘Surprise Me’ button which was implemented through Evan Roth’s design ideas and Matt Mullenweg’s technical know-how. When clicking the ‘Surprise Me’ button more functions will appear for the user. One effect is connected to the stats. The FAT Dashboard represents numbers and real data about the viewers of the blog.  To illustrate the data more easily the numbers were related to a picture. I think this is a very fascinating connection between art and technology. In the video Matt Mullenweg explains the method how numbers are illustrated. This is how it works:  Google searches for a good page of numbers. Then Wikipedia finds out if the numbers talk about households, families or people. And after that it goes to flicker to find a picture of a place that represents the number of viewers.

The WordPress example is exactly what I was looking for. After my first post I was not satisfied with my search results but the video helped to find an interesting connection between art and business technology. Moreover, as a new user of WordPress I am still getting to know all settings and applications of the blog. Therefore, I have found an example that fits to my every-day-life and my interests. By seeing the video I got to know so many interesting functions that help me to improve my knowledge about the administration and that help me to connect to my own blog.


About natiliab

This is my first real approach concerning blogging. I am 21 and I think it is about time to enter the world of blogging. I study ‘International Business Management’ in Berlin-one of my favorite cities. My interests are business, politics, arts, travelling…. View all posts by natiliab

7 responses to “Art Meets Technology

  • tuucce

    Hi Natalie, i think you did it well and while i was reading i found something similar on your blog post with my opinions.After the first blog i wasnt satisfied too becase didnt find my stuff and resources enough but the video you shared really helps and brings new idea,shows the connection between art and IT very well. Of course, with the web sites you added there are so useful to get more information and your blogging style is very understandable and successful.
    Well done

  • unitedtribes

    Dear Natiliab, I think your reading shows us how you improve your blog research skills throughout your blog work. Impressive! Keep it up ^-^
    Moon Jung Koo

  • Nadja K.

    Great comment first of all!
    It is really fascinating how articles about technology and art can barely be found on the sphere of internet whereas graphic design itself is completely composed of arts. It is a real pleasure to read how you managed to encompass the problem of finding a good article – even better – you actually managed to find something that affects all of us: WordPress. I am eager to click on this “surprise me” button now and try to look for more fancy things to be discovered.

    Maybe you take a look on this great blog by Ben Heine, talking about photography & augmented reality (AR). AR is simply a technology that combines real environment with visualization by using a camera or webcam. It is therefore a connection of digital arts and reality enabled by technology as you can see here

    Well, Ben Heine however asks for more individuality and more art- He then took random photographs and drew little designs himself. Look here!

  • Dian Stefanov

    I find your topic “Art Meets Technology” really interesting . In my opinion both terms art and technology should not be combined, because when I hear the word art I think about all the beautiful paintings and sculptures that are created by hand to pleasure the eyes and senses of the people who look at them. But when I hear the word technology I think of all these modern inventions created and used by people in their daily activities. I connect art to pleasure and technology to work. But any way your blog post provide me with another perspective to art and technology.

    Thank you. Nice one!

  • moonjungkoo

    Dear Natiliab, I think your reading shows us how you improve your blog research skills throughout your blog work. Impressive! Keep it up ^-^
    Moon xx

  • unitedtribes

    Changyong Yi (299361)
    The link that you linked is talking about very interesting topic
    Art with business I do think it would be a great way to promote the art production with IT.
    It is true that I have not heard about any art collection selling through web site. (Maybe there is already)

    good job.

  • wandaluckhardt

    You picked a very interesting topic. I am interested in art as well, but I never saw or thought about a connection of it to technology. One would think that those two aren`t a good match, but you offer a defferent view. It is good that you pointed out the difficulties you had and how you overcame them. I also looked on the web for a connection of art and technology and found a really interesting project.

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