Train of Thoughts

How it all began

To be honest, since my last post I couldn’t stop thinking of an own new business Idea, but guess
what, I have not been successful, so far. That reminds me of the time, when I was searching for a topic for my blog. A topic, that I am interested in but also other people (my future audience) would be and moreover are not sick of. Not to forget that it should contain a business as well as an IT aspect. I was seeking for an idea or in other words “a niche”!

So the 3 words business, IT and idea were permanently circulating through my mind: Business, IT, idea… business, IT, idea… business, IT, Idea… Oh wait! What’s wrong with “business ideas”? And the ultimate and final following thought was “The Million Dollar Homepage”, an internet phenomenon of the 21st century. Haven’t heard of it yet? Check this out:

The Million Dollar Homepage

“The Million Dollar Homepage” is another example concerning: Simple, but effective. It is nothing more than a website full of advertisements created in 2005 by a 21-year old student called Alex Tew from England. But why the name? Long story short: The website consists of 1000 x 1000 pixels, each sold for a dollar on ebay. The final 1000 pixels were sold in January 2006 for $ 38 100. The whole project created a total revenue of $ 1 037 100, thanks to the internet. The set up costs  added up to € 50, equatable with zero. Alex’s homepage  was a money-raising idea to finance his studies, in the  end he turned out to be a millionaire. Lucky bastard! Along  the way Alex also earned money by attending talkshows,  marketing events and was invited to universities to give  talks. The homepage gained severe importance in the  media.

 Project Launched

 This phenomenon established the base of my blog. It is a  Business idea, has at least something to do with IT and  includes interesting facts. I kept researching and the more  I read, the more I realized what is possible. I found more  and more amazing stories like the one above and  my project got structured. I found my own Business idea. Alright, it is not very new and innovative, not to mention revolutionary, but it is at least something that has got the potential to amuse people.

Good on me!


About domwoj

Mid-20 blogger from the heart of Germany, currently studying “International Business Management” in the capital, Berlin. Interested in business sciences and always tries to think globally. Pursuing goals like “finding the answer to the question: What is the meaning of life?” View all posts by domwoj

One response to “Train of Thoughts

  • angiethiem

    Hey Domi ;) Thanks for the honest and informative blog!Guess almost everybody is able to identify with your siutation of being stuck and not getting enough good input. The chosen business idea you presented is a good choice,- not too abtract, easy to describe and somehow funny. I also want to underline your good visual structure which helps finding through the text.Haste gut gemacht :)

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