Who the fuck is E-****?!

There is no escape. No chance to hide. No green idea who could prevent cute girls in coloured flower dresses from crossing the E-‘s way.

E-books. E- dating. E-bay. E- banking.

Who the fuck is E-**** and what’s his plan with our society?

Okay. That the E- might hide the word electronically is def. not a big secret. But the big field hiding behind that small letter is almost intangible. Every 14 year old teenager (first Giro-account after confirmation) knows how to handle E-Banking and our generation’s grandparents sell their old LP’s on e-bay. During the last decade the E took over first every day activities and finally also the intellectual field of education and skill enhancement. The most recent upcoming E-monster is the new form of electronically learning. So to say – learning via internet, laptop or mobile phone. It’s made for people who are highly motivated, focussed and ready for heavy, euphoric autodidactic teaching.

You can do it everywhere and anytime. Learn Spanish in the metro and your way to the supermarket and send your digital homework via moodle to your professor. For people with little time and busy schedules it’s a chance to feed their never ending hunger for knowledge. The possibilities behind it are enormous.

Only problem – no teacher, no time frame, no pressure. I wonder if there are people who seriously still have the nerves to take their free minutes for more study and brain work. Maybe it works once… twice, but common’ – after the 3rd ride you better enjoy your time just doing nothing, watching the young boy flirting with his I-phone and taking time to think about how bad your ex felt, after you gave her that stupid cat book wrapped in a Bravo poster last Christmas. Time for real life and real life education.

E-Learning and all the other creepy E-‘s in my life give me a lot of aspects to think about in a blog like this. I take this chance here as an introduction about what may come or not and let it still open for myself what I will think about at the end. If you are interested and also curious about what the letter has to offer us – keep on following me and visit this blog next week again. I promise a good overview and hot discussion.

You can’t e-gnore it anyway.


About angiethiem

Berlin-city-girl. 20 years old. Student of the HWR Berlin, International Business Management. Passion: overkills, dancing, nerds. View all posts by angiethiem

6 responses to “Who the fuck is E-****?!

  • maxsc21

    Angie! In my view a really skillful blogpost, with interesting on-topic aspects and quite a good portion of humor. Especially because I also think that turning everything “E” is not the best thing for society. Go on!

  • garciana

    You did it! I’m glad you turned the title into an article. In my opinion, this is a great first blog post, encouraging the reader to reflect on “E”‘s influence and role in everyday life and encouraging him to keep track of your postings since you rise some curiosity on what may come. Kurz und knackig, wa?
    Or should I just say: I like?!

  • Fannysia

    Hello Angie :) just wanna say I really enjoyed reading your blogpost and especially so, I love your thought-intriguing blog title which totally draws me to reading this post! :) and what delight to read ur post : really well structured and good flow to convey your thoughts. Most imptly the conclusion was cleverly written and serves as a good prelude to your next posts and it really gets people interested abt what u will be writing in the future :) thank you for the enjoyable read, I look forward to more.

  • pimbalee

    SUPER!!!!!! E-ndeed!))
    I love this blog, because your style is soooooo cool and it made me curious just to follow your sentences by sentences! great Job!
    Moreover, I like – of course – your topic! And I agree – there are too much E’s appears in our lives… It stayed trotzdem not fully clear whether you are for or against E’s…. so I will definitely follow your next blog to get the answer))

    gooooooood luck!)

  • sarilin

    Hi Angie,
    very well done ! i really enjoyed reading your article. I love the way you are writing. Some parts totally cracked me up.
    I agree with you; E is everywhere and can’t be “egnored”. I think this has a lot of advantages especially that it really helps to manage your time better. If I think back, a couple years ago you had to go to the bank to make a transaction, today it can be done within 30 seconds online. I hold the view that the whole IT development has for sure more advantages than negative aspects, but I would definately see those. Especially in the face-to face communication and social values which are getting lost.

    I am looking forward to reading more.

  • changyong

    You are such an eye taker.
    the title of your post blog really took my attention.
    yes true all the things nowadays in the world seems like start with the word E.
    E-commerce, E-Advertising and so on.
    Yes I can not ignore them, but should live with them.
    Nice writing style.
    thanks for your work.

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