Procrastination is the thief of time…?

If you look up the word “Procrastination” in your dictionary, I’m pretty sure that you will find explanations similar to the following:


1) –  the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time

2) – slowness as a consequence of not getting around”


Sounds simple but procrastination is a complicated issue.

I was shocked watching myself the last week. I did everything but what I wanted or had to do. It was great hanging out with my friends, visiting my family and just being outside enjoying the beautiful weather, but that was actually NOT what avoided me doing homework and preparation for my studies.

I really planned to work a little but every time I put on my computer I had other/“better” things to do. I had an internal dialog in my head. It was something like this:

“Okay, at first I should visit ILIAS to download the
new uploaded texts…

I received a new E-Mail. I should answer it first.

Good, now let’s look what’s new on ILIAS…

Oh, Sarah is in the Facebook-Chat right now. I have last talked to her ages ago.

ILIAS here I come…

My boyfriend send me an SMS. Maybe it’s important.”

The fact that I spend an entire hour like this last Monday leads me to following question:

Are modern technologies and  IT-Systems supporting procrastination?

I think the answer is yes and no.

On one hand modern technologies and IT-Systems and especially communication systems like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace make it easy to distract from unpleasant tasks. Many people are working on the computer to fulfill or complete their work or studies and the social-network-temptation is all-pervasive.

On the other hand most people procrastinate because it offers comfort and relief from having to undergo an unpleasant task. We would find a way to reach that relief even if Social networks wouldn’t exist, maybe by reading a book or meeting friends.

I think nearly everybody procrastinates from time to time and that it is normal to postpone things we don’t want or like to do although a chronic procrastination exists and is a complicated psychological disease.

My advice to you if you sometime feel the way I did the last week:

Make a virtue out of necessity.

That is exactly what I’m doing right now by turning this problem I often have into my first blog post for my studies in my Business-Application-Systems-course. ;)

Actually, this is an advice I learned from my Selfmanagement-course last semester. I’m sure all my classmates will remember that gorgeous creative way handling procrastination by John Kelly?!

Have a watch:


Procrastination is not always is the thief of time.  Sometimes it is even a source of creativity.




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Born and raised in Berlin, Germany. 20-year-old girl. Studying "International Business Management" at Berlin School of Economics and Law although my Time-Management is really bad ;). Hates: Rainy days and people who are driving 30 km/h when 50 km/h are allowed. Loves: Kitschy staff, jewellery, gardening (green fingers) and movies (good and bad ones). View all posts by NerdyLaura

One response to “Procrastination is the thief of time…?

  • Fannysia

    Hello Laura! I absolutely like your post! I agree that procrastination is something loads more complicated than we think it is. Really hard to fight it yeah! i like how you provide an alternative view about procrastination (despite me always labelling it as a bad thing!) I like it that you have included a video for our viewing! :)

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