Business Going Green

You think saving the earth and making money at the same time sounds like the dream of a naïve young girl? Then be prepared for being taught otherwise…

It isn’t a secret that our world suffers. Global warming is the keyword and nature is changing in a negative way.  We know that but we think we can’t do anything against the course of things, which is wrong.

Some weeks ago, I saw an interesting French documentation at the cinema: “Solutions locales pour un désordre global” (in English “Think global, act rural”) by Catherine Serrau.

The director itself has the following opinion on her creation: “Alarm-raising and catastrophist films have been made, and they have served their purpose. Now the time has come to show that there are solutions, to give a voice to the farmers, philosophers and economists who are inventing and experimenting with new alternatives, while explaining why our society is mired in the current ecological, financial and political crises.”

Watch the trailer to get an impression:

I was absolutely impressed by the work people from all over the planet do in order to make the world a better place and I can say they have developed some flourishing businesses! So we see that it is actually possible to go green with your business.

As the topic kept my interest, I put “business going green” into Google and was astonished about all the kinds of websites and blogs I got. Those authors didn’t seem to be some tofu-eating hippies with long hair and John Lennon glasses. On the contrary, I found businessmen in suit and tie presenting ideas for sustainable (and profitable!) work.

There is, for example, a company in Missouri, which specialized in organic essentials for babies and moms, fair trade organizations like Greenheart or GEPA and, my favorite, a jeweler from San Francisco who sells diamonds from mines “ that follow environmentally responsible and fair labor practices”. Especially the last examples help both, the planet and the people, and the ideas are simple and lucrative.

If you want to explore more, here is the link to a fascinating website.

In the following weeks, I would like to show a bunch of ideas and possibilities for everyone to act green in our daily life. Small steps lead to the goal. It starts with waste sorting and the use of energy-efficient lamps and ends with taking the bike to go to university. You’ll be surprised about the positive effects on your change purse and your health ;)


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One response to “Business Going Green

  • angiethiem

    Hey hey – nice introduction.. guess I will actually follow you and read about your non-hippie green ideas. What I really appreciate about your text is that u take away all the little prejudice we already have and advice us to first discover the topic before judging too soon. Good job and keep on – i am waiting for you and your ideas! :)

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