Art as a Business?

ART- in any variation- that is what I enjoy. Visiting exhibitions, vernissages, discovering art on the street and making art myself! But since I study business and management I ask myself: Can art be connected to economics, business or information systems?

My first impression was no since I am more of an old fashion art lover who draws sketches in an art book and likes to make collages rather by hand than in photoshop. As a result the one part I like about art which is making it myself does not have a connection (yet). But what about seeing art from artists- does this part have a connection to information technology?

Last month I went to the Pergamon Museum at the Museum Island.  They gave all visitors who wanted to have extra information on certain topics the chance to receive more knowledge via the internet. Everyone in the museum was able to pick up a card for free. The card had to be put under sensors which were provided in different rooms. This card includes a code that allows access to extra information and interesting stories on the webside of smb museum.

I realized that a museum uses the virtual world to provide interesting services to their customers. I thought that a museum might work similar than a normal business. They need to attract visitors (customers) who pay an entrance fee to keep the museum running. As a result workplaces are created. A museum might not sell any products but it provides the service of giving people the opportunity to see ancient or modern art. The Pergamon Museum in particular attracts visitors by staying up-to-date. Nowadays many people enjoy doing all different things on the web which might include being virtually confronted by art in addition to seeing it in the real world.

Furthermore, after I researched for blogs as a part of my business applications course I found many interesting blogs that operate as a business. For example: artbusiness provides services that include consultations on selling and buying of art, market research, art appraisals, organization and so on. In addition to that I have found many online marketing firms that offer their advertising and marketing services over the internet, since online marketing became an important factor for many companies. Find more information here

Through the internet many artists are able to promote their work. Blogs in particular help artists to spread their work around the world. While researching I found many blogs that introduce interesting art projects as a result art is shared over the web, it can be found and it can be bought or sold. All of these services lead to the assumption that blogs provide art services that can be connected to a business.

I may not be able to link art directly to IT but I will keep researching.


About natiliab

This is my first real approach concerning blogging. I am 21 and I think it is about time to enter the world of blogging. I study ‘International Business Management’ in Berlin-one of my favorite cities. My interests are business, politics, arts, travelling…. View all posts by natiliab

One response to “Art as a Business?

  • itjohanna

    Hey Natiliab!
    According to my opinion you write in a way that makes the reader feel that art is your hobby in many ways, maybe even your passion.
    Sometimes I also wonder how we can add some more color to our business studies, it relieves me, that you seem to have the same wish from time to time. You show that it’s possible, I enjoyed reading your post. Additionally I think it’s great that you used and implemented our previous blog-search task!

    Well done :)

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