The Niche Strategy – Curious and Extraordinary Business Ideas

The Strategy

The „niche strategy“ is a term in the world of marketing whereupon companies try to find a position in the market to be able to act, at least within a small frame, as a monopolist, or better to say: Companies look for a way to withdraw as much money as possible from the amount circulating.

Only companies? No, everyone! Everyone is looking for a niche to earn money; some people are successful, some not. But only a few people have one single inspiration, which finally leaves a smile on their bank accounts and turns them into millionaires.

Got an Idea?

In fact innovative business ideas became quite rare nowadays, especially in times of globalization. The market is overwhelmed by products and services and to find a niche, which is really unique, is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Have a try! Think of a new business idea, but don’t stress yourself too much; it’s a waste of time! At the first sight your idea might seem to be brilliant, but if you type it into the Google search engine (the almighty instance of my generation), Google will disgorge at least one result that tells you: Idiot! Your idea is as old as the fish the supermarket was trying to sell me the other day.

Nevertheless, there are still revolutionary ideas out there; at least they were within the last decade. And to let you feel bad… some of them were as simple as opening a bottle of beer. Enough of that, time to give you an example:

One Red Paperclip

A blogger from Montreal called Kyle MacDonald once had the ingenious idea to end up with a house simply by trading. He started with one red paper clip and set a deadline of one year to reach his target. It took him just 14 trades until he finally could call a house his own and all he had invested was one red paper clip. By the way his blog counts 9.5 million visitors and he is selling a book about trading in 14 different languages.

What a story and what a success! A simple idea, but a huge effect. Check out the video if you want to know all the details.


With the following blog entries I’ll give you some more instances, clearly pointing out that within the information age revolutionary innovations are still possible, particularly by using the internet.

Til then, keep your eyes open, sometimes money is lying on the ground, you just have to find it ;)


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