Facebook Addiction?

First of all, I have to say that this is my first real blogging experience. Last semester I have already created a kind of blog for our “Introduction to Business Application Systems” course, but I would not describe that what we have done as ‘real blogging’. It was not more than annoying recording of our assignments without any background or ulterior motive.

Now, it has another importance for me- my increasing interest in all different kinds of information. I want to learn, see, hear and feel so much more and what could help me better than finding interesting things posted by my group members, my fellow students or other people all over the world?

I want to share my ideas and information. I want everybody to have the possibility to read things that are important for me. I want to build a connection to people who are commenting my posts. I want to blog. Blogging for better communication and connection. But does this have any impact on my health…?


My whole day is based on communicating via Facebook, email or Skype. I really have to question myself if I will suffer from the “Facebook-Addiction in the future? 

I cannot wait to write my friends, to inform them, to organize meetings or parties via facebook. I want to look at new pictures and before I am going to bed I have to check whether I have new messages and notifications or not.

As I searched for the term “facebook addiction” I found really interesting forums where you can read many strategies to deal with your “disease”  and how you can overcome it. You should be able to determine your utilize of facebook, you should be able to be rational, to find alternatives, to set limits or to change you whole lifestyle.

But how do you know that you are suffering from the facebook addiction?

To answer this question I found a very clarifying video on youtube!

So, is the facebook addiction officially approved? As far as I found out- it is not. You cannot get a sick note because your live is contingent on stalking facebook profiles…

Lucky me! 

After watching the video and taking stock of myself I can becalmed state that I have some first beginnings but I am not (yet!) suffering from the facebook addiction.

So, be aware and do not change your profile picture over and over and over again :)


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