Are you the CSS to my HTML?

eeeehm, so what?

After reading the statement “You are the CSS to my HTML” on a t-shirt  I was not able to understand it. This lack of knowledge made me feel stupid and uncomfortable. On the one hand side this might be the problem of missing technical know-how but on the other hand it is definitely my fear of technology. Till now I didn’t want to gain more information concerning this topic because I was scared of not understanding it. BUT I figured out that this is really not a big deal.

In my today’s post I want to overcome this fear and want to say “Bye, bye fear of technology!” and “Hello pleasure working with it!”

I’m going to explain CSS, its characteristics and features and the reasons of style sheets.

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Say Bye Bye to my Fear of Technology

My fear of technology accompanies me since I have started working with a computer in elementary school. I am able to do all basics on the computer but deeper knowledge and understanding is absent until the present day. Well, at least that is what I thought before researching for this last post. And I have to admit that I am not that bad if I start approaching technological problems and start actively dealing with technology.

My idea was to combine work and useful.

Work was: Research a topic about technology that interests you.

The useful thing was: Finally becoming better organized with the notes I take for homework and my personal life, organizing my pictures and other files on my computer.

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Sorry, but I stumbled upon “StumbleUpon”!

Saying goodbye to my fear of technology? Sorry, but I stumbled upon “StumbleUpon” on my way trying to overcome my fears. StumbleUpon is with about 10.6 million users one of the most popular social networking sites these days. Never heard of it? Don’t worry! Come on! Let’s stumble together!

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Say bye bye to my fear of technology…

If you’d ask me for my fears, I knew immediately what to answer: manuals!

On paper or digital, no way for me! People explain too fast or too slowly. It’s too detailed or still not clear enough. I am the type of person who always tries herself before reading anything. Click click click – the buttons usually explain themselves. High euphorie… mostly ending up in complete callousness.

I will allow you a quick look on my evernote profile. I installed it in the beginning of the semester. As usual – I read more or less nothing about its functions and started right away. Outcome? Ooops – take a look: Continue reading

Pearls, pearls, pearls

… and no fear of technology!

A few days ago, I started looking for Add-ons in Firefox. I already used some minor extensions like Gmail-Manager but now I was looking for a new one. It should be something to bookmark, but something fancy! Actually, I don’t remember how, but suddenly I discovered “Pearltrees” and as I love pearls I decided to have a closer look… and I was rewarded!

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Be Smart – Use Widgets


Widgets, Widgets, Widgets… who are they? what can they do? and why do I need them? Actually I don’t know how to describe them, therefore I’ll give you Dictionary.coms’ idea on Widgets:

“a small computer program that can be installed on and executed from the desktop of a personal computer”

Not very detailed, right? To answer all the questions I can highly recommend the blog-post of add2gadget, Ayu Chan gives a little lesson on widgets in case of e.g. types, functions and safety-gaps. An alternative, not that comprehensive, is mywebexperience. Continue reading

A Love Story

I never believed in love at first site until I met you.I noticed you in the very first moment, the way you stood there, neither stiff nor dynamic- but full of life and power. I couldn’t take my eyes of you. I felt that other people were starring at you as well, the charisma you spread was nearly not ignorable. You caught everyone’s eyes, stood out of the mass. You are the one, I feel it in my heart.

A class mate of mine made a post about you. I read it over and over again. I couldn’t get enough. I clicked more and more links, watched your very first steps, your most recent activities. It’s love, I feel it. I love you, guerrilla marketing. Continue reading